Trevor Baleke, Mayuge Deputy RDC

KAMULI-The fastest means by which Uganda can kick homosexuality out of the country is by fighting the vice at family level. This can be achieved when every parent keep their eye on their children and spouses to detect any signs of evil doings.

The call was sounded on Sunday by Namayingo district Deputy Resident District Commissioner, Trevor Solomon Baleke while addressing mourners at the send off his neighbour Nubuwat Nabirye at Buwala village, Wankole sub county, Kamuli district.

“If you are a parent and your son dresses like a lady or wears makeup, earrings etc and you’re quiet about it, you could be having a gay in your house.”

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“If your daughter behaves like a man and you are not questioning her, you too could be unintentionally promoting homosexuality, he said adding that, “flash back home. Go and take up your responsibility of parenting by discouraging your sons and daughters from any behaviors related to homosexuality.”

Baleke turned to the local leaders and urged them to keep their eyes open and report to higher authorities any person in their communities suspected to be gay.

“Homosexuality is illegal under the Penal Code Act and it carries a possible seven-year sentence for those caught in the same sex relations,” he explained.

He also warned parents against people and organization trying to attract children into homosexuality by promising them money and sponsorship.

“Please have sizeable and manageable families. Don’t just produce because you are fertile but be sure you are capable of looking after your children,” he said.

The time is now for parents and local leaders to be very vigilant and inquisitive when it comes to who promises free things to their children.

Addressing the same mourners, Mayuge Deputy RDC, Nagaya Amisi Kiganira who spoke immediate after his Namayingo counterpart urged whoever is involved the fight against homosexuality not to base their campaigns on religion and tribe.

Kiganira lauded religious leaders in Uganda for speaking the same language against the gay community.

“Now the challenge we have are politicians. It is now only president [Yoweri] Museveni who has so far come out openly to castigate homosexuality. Where are these other political party leaders to also give us their opinion on this vice?,” he asked.

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