The Kenyan Government has suspended the ban on importation of milk products from other East African countries.

The announcement was revealed after a successful meeting between permanent secretary for the Ministry of East African Community, Abdi Dubat and Minister for East African Community Affairs, Rebecca Kadaga.

“Am delighted to inform the dairy Industry in Uganda that the Ban on  Milk products has been suspended,  Have also had fruitful discussions with Mr. Abdi  Dubat , Permanent  Secretary  Kenya  Ministry  of East African Community 9n bilateral issues,” Kadaga revealed.

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Last week, in a notice dated March 6, the Kenya Dairy Board, KDB, said it was moving to protect local farmers from external products as output is expected to increase soon.

 “In anticipation of the long rains, the Government has stopped the importation of milk powders to cushion the industry from surplus production and low prices,” read a statement signed by Margaret Kibogy, the KDB Managing Director.

 However, a statement from Harry Kitmai, Principal Secretary at the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development, called for the stoppage on the ban of the milk imports into Kenya.

“The stoppage issued through Kenya Dairy Board letter ref. KDB/MD/WED/1 VOl.5/58 dated 6th March, 2023, is hereby suspended to allow for the Dairy Industry (Import and Export) Regulations 2021to apply accordingly,” read part of the statement.

“Take note that, importation of products under the East African Community (EAC) protocol refers to goods being imported from outside the East African Community, while goods traded within EAC are referred to as transfers,” added in statement.

Kenya is well known as Uganda’s major milk market but the constant barriers have prompted the search for wider markets, especially in the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan, Zambia, and Algeria.

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