The body of Florence Babirye, a Ugandan who died in an earthquake which occurred in southern Turkey has been repatriated.

The body was seen off by Nusura Tiperu, the Ambassador of Uganda to Turkey at Istanbul Airport. More than 36,000 people were killed and tens of thousands injured.

Babirye, whose details about what she was doing in Turkey have not been established, was a resident of Lwengo.

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On Feb. 6, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake occurred in southern Turkey near the northern border of Syria. This quake was followed approximately nine hours later by a magnitude 7.5 earthquake located around 59 miles (95 kilometers) to the southwest.

The earthquake was the most devastating to hit earthquake-prone Turkey in more than 20 years and was as strong as one in 1939, the most powerful recorded there.

The initial earthquake was centered near Gaziantep in south-central Turkey, home to thousands of Syrian refugees and the many humanitarian aid organizations also based there. Governments around the world were quick to respond to requests for international assistance, deploying rescue teams and offering aid.

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