20 rebels of Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) have been killed, and four AK 47 guns, 313 bullets among other military equipment recovered after the Uganda People’s Defence Forces launched a surprise attack on the rebels’ camp in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo over the weekend.

According to Defence Spokesperson Brig Felix Kulayigye, the UPDF in a joint operation with the Congolese army attacked the ADF on Saturday, March 25, base at 10:30 am where they killed the 20 rebels South West of River Lusulubi and near River Semliki.

“On Saturday 25th March at 10: 30 am, the UPDF & FARDC Joint Forces had a fight with elements of ADF South West of River Lusulubi near River Semuliki – Rwenzori Sector in DRC,” he said.

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He added: “20 ADF were killed & the following were charged from the enemy;4 AK 47s, 313 Rounds of AK 47, 5 Magazines of AK 47,11 Quran Books,7 Solar panels,2 Combat Uniforms of UPDF,7 Combat Uniforms of FARDC, 5 charge Pots of Walkie Talkies, 5 Radios, 5 Batteries, 2 Phones, 3 Backpacks, 2 Ponchos, 2 Fishing Nets. 1 UPDF soldier was killed in the fight. May his soul rest in eternal peace.”

Uganda and DRC have been holding joint military campaigns in Eastern DRC aimed at wiping out the ADF rebels following failed negotiations between the two parties.

During the fight, the army said one of the UPDF soldiers was killed, but the identity of the soldier was not revealed by press time.

The joint army of UPDF and DR Congo forces in 2021 launched an attack in the Eastern DR Congo to hunt for the ADF rebels after terror attacks in Kampala City and towns in the central region allegedly carried out by the same group left at least 10 people dead and dozens injured.

According to the Defence Ministry, since Operation Shujaa commenced, more than 400 rebels have been killed and several areas liberated from the control of the group.

Maj Katamba said the hunt on the rebels has intensified and urged those that are still in hiding to come out and surrender to save their lives.

“They should surrender to our detachments. They would be handled well. We don’t have the intention of harming those who will surrender. We shall welcome them,” he said.

“If they don’t surrender, we shall continue with the operation until Congo is peaceful.”

There have been attempts by ADF rebels to cross back to Uganda, but they have been foiled by the UPDF.

In December 2022, UPDF said it captured seven more suspected ADF rebels in Kyobe, Bweramule sub-county in Ntoroko district.

In the same month, ADF attacked Ntoroko district and during a fire exchange, 17 of ADF militia were killed, 13 captured with sixteen guns and 14 improvised explosive devices were captured while one UPDF officer was also killed.

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