David Matsanga.

By David Matsanga

I write this note because of the dangers that are facing Africa. Africa is heading in a wrong direction towards collapse. Our African Union (AU) has been captured by external non-member states, who give us the agenda.

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Our strength of unity has been diluted by the same external forces that pay both sides in Africa to create chaos and conflicts on the continent.

The dark forces pay opposition and the pay the same governments and leave Africa to boil.

It is certainly the stupidity of we African people ourselves who have allowed to be used by external dark forces. It is our refusal to think for ourselves or our refusal to take our own destiny in our hands. It our abject lack of self-belief!  

We as Africans are a confused lot. It is a sheer scale of pride and ego that has made us not say we are the problem. Look at the way we beg Western nations to do things for us yet we could do them without their support. We have not learnt lessons from China which was poor 40 years ago. Today it gives us loans!!!!

It is a fact that certainly, the systemic engineering is working on us so much so that we brutalize ourselves, we destroy one another, we find every chance to cheat ourselves, and go as far as killing one another. 

Look at the current spate of elections related noise that we see in Africa. Look at the damage caused by a foreign doctrine of having periodic election every 4 or 5 years and the type of damage we have caused to our countries.

I see the danger of Africa disintegrating if we don’t act now to change the trend by recapturing AU. How can anyone be expecting less of these of happening to us, when we are told from childhood that we are our own enemies?

My fellow Africans, if we are our own enemies then we shall continue to do the worse against one another because no one does anything positive towards his known enemy.  We therefore must change the course.

We must resist the temptations of George Soros methods of regime change that I see taking a wave in Africa.  The happening across the continent worry me and would worry any Pan African alive.

I believe that we can change the AUC for the best of generations to come not for the next elections. Sadly, we have not cooperated and felt proud to be with everyone on the surface of the earth except with ourselves.

My fellow Africans, we have revisited issues that were created by colonialists as future obstacles. Lesotho wants the map of Africa redrawn. How many African states will want the boundaries redrawn?

My fellow Africans deep in me, I have unquestionable conviction that it is not possible! No matter how deep the crack is, we are capable of fixing it. As Africans we need to fix this at one time.

My fellow Africans we must retake our AU to the original objectives. It has lost the compass bearing and the ship is sinking. The current leadership at AUC has no clue on what must be done to stop the ship from sinking.

The sharp conflicts in Libya, DRC, Somalia, Cameroon, Nigeria, the civil uprisings in several African countries after Elections or due to corruption allegations, the clamour   for redrawing boundaries, all add to my call for FIXING AFRICA  .

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