Amb. Mayega and the President of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce (DCC), Mohammad Lootah. Photo-Eagle Online.

The Consul General of Uganda’s Consulate in Dubai Ambassador Henry Mayega and the President of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce (DCC), Mohammad Lootah have resolved to work towards increasing Uganda’s exports to Dubai.

The two made a resolution during the meeting which was held to review the existing cooperation between the Uganda Chamber of Commerce (UCC) and the progress towards the formation of the Uganda Business Commission in Dubai.

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According to UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Trade, UAE’s overall trade with six non-Arab African countries alone (Angola, Kenya, Nigeria, Ethiopia, South Africa and Tanzania) reached over a whopping $8 billion in 2020. Uganda has since emerged as a UAE trade partner. In 2020, Uganda exported gold worth $3.47 million (Shs12.9 billion) and other products.

 “We resolved that we form a list of bankable projects with their respective profiles and send them to the leadership of the DCC for onward transmission to potential investors who will constitute the visiting team to Uganda next year 2024,” he said.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Trade and other relevant organizations, Mayega said they will file a list of Uganda’s best products including agricultural products in a bid to increase Uganda’s exports to Dubai.

Being a home of various tourist attractions, Mayega said they discussed the prospects of Dubai based private jets being allowed to fly tourists to Entebbe. Tourism is one of the biggest earners of Uganda’s economy.

“We reviewed the plans about establishment of business to business conservations to spur joint ventures between Ugandan and Dubai Emiratis, the aspect of medical tourism where Emirati investors could be sought to invest in the health sector as well as establishing an Arab Cultural Center in Uganda where Emiratis who wish to escape the oppressive summer heat in the Dubai/ UAE would take off time and visit rather than go to more pricey places elsewhere,” he said.

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