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PM Nabbanja calls for prioritization in home made products

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Simon Kabayo
Simon Kabayo
Reporter whose work is detailed

The Prime Minister Robbinah Nabbanja has urged all African leaders and Businessmen to always give priority to products from their continent before thinking about exporting the same from foreign countries.

While representing President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni at African Liberation day celebrations at Kololo Air strip Kampala, Nabbanja expressed worry that there are some African countries exporting products and services that are produced within.

This year’s African Liberation day celebrations were held under the theme “Acceleration of AFCFTA Implementation to ensure the Economic Independence of Africa.”

“Why do you export products like Cheese, Ghee and butter, poultry products, fish, beef, peas beans and maize from Europe when your neighbors are producing the same products in surplus and moreover organic. As brothers and sisters, it’s important we talk about the Quality and quantity of our products rather than donating our opportunities to already developed economies when our economies are still struggling?” Nabbanja asked.

She called upon business communities in Africa to invest heavily in value addition on products to increase competitiveness.

“I would like to emphasize the need for each African country to exploit its comparative advantage so that we can collectively as a continent achieve self-reliance. Covid19 taught us a lesson that we can have a period when the whole world is locked and you have nowhere else to get essential products and services, therefore we need each other and together we shall succeed.”

At the same event, Nabbanja asked all individuals present to always remember and appreciate the contribution of African heroes and heroines who paid the ultimate price in the African peace support mission for peace and Security of the continent.

“African Liberation day is an important day in African history, this 60th Anniversary is the opportunity to recognize the individuals who have contributed to political liberation.”

Dr. Mugabi Lubahamya,the National coordinator of Pan African Federights Movement, clarified that some people when they hear Pan Africanism they think of people that are racists or anti other races but Pan Africanism are pro Africa who are not against anybody else.

“We believe in a common brotherhood and sisterhood, we believe in the equality and justice of all humanity across the world.” Mugabi added

Gen Kahinda Otafiire, Chairman for Global Pan African Movement in his message read by Robert Musasasizi, Otafiire called upon all Africans to unite and help some African countries to gain total independence.

“Pan Africanism is currently facing a new form of challenges of scramble and petition by some super power countries; some parts of Sahara are under control of foreign Jihadists who are anti people and anti-democratic. We call upon all people to unite and support the struggle of Mali, Burkina Faso, Benin struggling to liberate their territories against Jihadists.”

He added that as Nkwame Nkrumah said on May 24, 1963, that if Africa is not united, the Neo Colonialists will always interfere in its military, Economy, Education, Agriculture, Health and Education. “Our economic infrastructure is in their hands through the International Monetary fund (IMF) and World Bank. The Neo Colonialists are using Non-Governmental Organizations to promote cultural imperialism like Homo sexuality and others.” he added

Kahinda Otaffire called upon all people to join Uganda which will be hosting the 8th Pan African conference which will take place in Kampala next year.

Participants called upon the Government through the Speaker of Parliament to declare this day as a Public holiday so that all people can always join these celebrations without any hindrance.

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