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America has no moral authority to call ICC for Putin’s arrest

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By Dr.David Matsanga in London

I have been against ICC interventions in the African situations because of the political witch-hunt that is used when selecting ICC the suspects . The Kenyan ICC cases taught me lots of things .Karim Khan might have turned into Paul from Saul but I will not change my stance on ICC .

My blood has no sense opportunism and iota of any parasitic nature so I have no regrets to make to anyone in the world about this amorphous ICC.A highest court of the Altar of International justice is being used to police political opponents of USA hegemony. This is sad.

The ICC instigated arrest warrant on the Russian President Vladimir Putin is the epitome of sanctimonious hypocrisy and subterfuge that reeks of impunity, in it’s substance this feeble bluff is a contravention of international law of Nations that I read at my campus some 35 years ago .

I call it a bluff because, beyond the senseless threats of arrest and sanctions, America knows going for Putin will be like showing up in a gun fight with sticks. It’s a delusional dream tucked in their mortal fantasies, a ship in the desert. Won’t happen, can’t happen, shall not happen.

America should stop taking the rest of the world for fools and nincompoops, they’ll be perturbed if they are mistaken to carry us as such. We know who America is and how they slither, like a deadly viper, on their bellies of double standards and selfish interest.

A few years ago, didn’t an American president, at the height of his pomposity,tell the world at one time, that if ever an American was taken before the ICC, they would flatten the town where the trial was held? In the words of their own, Abraham Lincoln; America can fool some people all the time, some people sometimes, but they cannot fool all the people all the time.

If ICC was an independent Court as they would want us to believe now, why can’t America confer to them the jurisprudence to try its troops for over 500,000 children innocently killed during their illegal and trivial war in Iraq? Or are they the more equal than others animals in George Orwell’s Animal Farm?

America, through its penchant and avarice, is not only the one country which excels in make-believe but excels chiefly in overt manipulation to making the rest of the world buy its charades.It is the one country which marauders around the world making enemies, only to return home and try to convince me and you that their enemy is our enemy.

America through its treachery has been able to hijack world’s strongest institutions like the UN, EU, AU and all their affiliates, to further their own selfish agendas. It is through the poisoning, interference and defilement of these institutions that some have ended up moribund and ineffective to deliver their mandate.

It is the one country which creates lies to wage unprovoked illegal wars against anyone who doesn’t buy their Americanism and convince me and you to defend them. “A Lie Is Halfway Round the World ,” says Mark Twain, “Before the Truth Has Got Its Boots On?” America should not be trusted.

America is, one country that will murder with wanton impunity, Millions of people whether military or civilian in their chauvinistic quest for world dominance while whilst they force it down the throats of many to believe it to be in the best interest of humanity.That is why it is still believed that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction whilst there was none!

America in its vanities dictates what we see and believe, it is so much “loved”(or better feared) that their atrocious foreign military campaigns are ignored and any country that dare points a finger at their atrocities is immediately identified as a threat to the USA and an enemy of the World.

Ironically, America is not accountable to the International Criminal Court (ICC) neither are its two bossom buddies in crime, whom I will choose not to mention, but your guess is as good as mine. In their unholy alliance, the trio can wage illegal wars and kill with impunity, yet gather the audacity to insist and enforce Arrest warrants and sanctions for those they decide to frame as criminals.

To date there are no calls to have both the George Bush, Tony Blair, Barrack Obama, Colin Powell Nicholas Sarkozy and Condoleeza Rice declared war criminals and a warrant of arrest floated on their heads to answer for crimes of war in the Hague.

But these are the same people calling for the immediate arrest of the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, not because he a bigger sinner than themselves, but because he is America’s numero uno enemy.

Isn’t it said, that may those who come to seek justice do so with clean hands? As I conclude, I’d like fellow Africans to answer this question. Are American hands clean, even as they jostle for the arrest of Vladimir Putin?

I have stated I am neither a Communist nor a Capitalist I am at God’s mercy all the time because he chooses when take away or maintain you .

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