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Kyakwanzi Caucus retreat resolves to transform Uganda from traditional society to modernity

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Simon Kabayo
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Kyakwanzi-The National Resistance Movement members and allied friendly Independents in the 11th Parliament of Uganda in a retreat   at   the   National Leadership Institute, Kyankwanzi have resolved to fulfill the movement’s historical mission of transforming Uganda from traditional society to modernity.

The members were on an invitation by President Yoweri K. Museveni from May 27th to 4th June, 2023.

Having over the last nine (9) days engaged in robust, focused and critical interface around the thematic focus of the role of national and other leaders in exponentially increasing household Incomes and wealth creation the members said they have immense responsibilities and duty to the movement and to Ugandans.

The members appreciated Museveni’s emphasis on the vital need for clarity   regarding   the   elements   of Ideology, Strategy, Policy, Implementation and Cohesion

On the process of increasing household incomes and wealth creation members resolved that leaders -including the Members of Parliament -are the ultimate and functional leaders of and therefore, bear a very heavy responsibility under the circumstances. Adding, “Increasing household Incomes and wealth creation is only a nodal point, although a critical one -in a historical process of the Socio-Economic Transformation of our country, from Traditional Society to Modernity.”

The Caucus further maintained a special focus and maximally support on Value Addition on the production, processing, etc., of commodities -including coffee, sugar, etc.;

The members pledged full support to the presidential initiative on wealth and job creation (Emyooga) delivered by the Minister for Micro-Finance, Haruna Kasolo.

Kasolo, said, “the recoveries under the Emyooga Programme shall be due after 12 months and payments shall be effected for up to 24 months.”

Members also welcomed the presentation and clarifications on the Parish Development Model (PDM), delivered by the National Coordinator, Parish Development Model    Secretariat, Galabuzi Ssozi and appreciated the clarification and emphasis by President Museveni that recoveries under the PDM shall be due after 24 Months and payments shall be effected for up to 36 Months.

PDM is the NRM government flagship programme, aimed at bringing all households and our people into the monetary economy -through strategic interventions at the Parish

On the fight of corruption, Brig. Henry Isoke and Lt. Col. Emmy Katabazi committed to relentlessly fight corruption wherever it may manifest itself, and to maximally support all institutions involved in the fight against corruption.

The members of the caucus committed to contributing to the consolidation of leadership anchored in a deeper and all-round understanding of our society -at all levels. They committed to working together to deepen patriotic values within the party, and the wider Ugandan society.

While concluding the retreat, Museveni said it has been both a nostalgic and hopeful experience, interacting with these mostly young, educated and energetic members.

“I am hopeful that anybody who inherits the NRA spirit in leadership, is capable of resisting cheap popularity, unnecessary debts and the insult of being turned into prostitutes due to love for money, but also, of making a very big contribution to the country,” Museveni said.

He also said that in order to attain transformation, the members agreed that they should have improved household income through improved methods of agriculture, industry, services and ICT.

He noted, “The role of a political leader is to supervise government initiatives such as Emyooga, PDM, Operation Wealth Creation, and the Youth Fund etc, which target that objective.” Adding, “I am optimistic that if we mobilize efforts towards this cause, we can go much further, much faster.” 

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Reporter whose work is detailed

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