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Why I support UNSC resolution 2699 on Haiti and the deployment of stabilization force

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By Dr David Nyekorach-Matsanga in UK

Haiti is global shame created by drug trade or mercantile capitalism that that started over 400 years ago.  It is a state based on Vodou which has traces to a syncretism of the West African Vodun religion.

This culture of gun trotting over centuries was transformed into the lack of legitimacy and belonging which today disturbs this small nation of African descendants of Haiti. Compounded with the influx of new trade of drugs like Cocaine of Latin America, the people over generations have changed to violence.

I always stand alone as Lone Ranger on many international issues where others oppose me. On Haiti, I fully support the UNSC Resolution 2699 to stabilize Haiti. It is not only Kenya sending a force to Haiti. There are many other countries like Antigua, Jamaica, that are sending their forces there. So, for any pseudo Pan Africanist picking on Kenya is wrong.

I support all these countries that are contributing to the deployment of police & other forces to bring peace in Haiti. There are those who reason that black Haitian are our brothers so we should not send black Africans to liberate them. Nonsense.

I don’t agree to such misguided reasoning of malcontents of brain slavery given the fact that the Afro-black Haiti people are suffering and they urgently need liberation from the drug gangs that have taken them hostage in their own country.

I see the same civil society forces up in arms across Africa against Kenya’s deployment of a force in Haiti. Those are the same backward elements who opposed Uganda and Kenya sending troops into Somalia.

In 2005 I stood alone on ICC matters and told USA & the world that ICC was a corrupt court.  The ICC later showed its ugly head in Kenya in 2008 and I stood firm against and won. I was later vindicated. On this I stand with UNSC Resolution 2699 and support deployment.

I also stood alone in 1998 on Zimbabwe and told Tony Blair that Isolation of Zimbabwe was a great mistake and later I was vindicated. I owe nobody apology. I can mention many things that I have stood and won alone but let me return to Haiti question.

The effects of Haiti’s chronic political instability and the government’s non-delivery of services can be traced back to the 400 years ago when Haiti was a “cooling point” for the Transatlantic trade.

The main problem and perhaps the root cause of Haiti violence are drugs and drug barons who have made money out drugs and bought guns to fight over territory where they sell their merchandise. These drugs come from all over the world including from USA which has had historical occupational links with Haiti.

This truth must be brought out and given to those countries that will be on this mission to Haiti. The countries must know that as they fight for restoration of peace in Haiti, there are dark forces or mercenaries both from USA and other countries that could harden their stance against the stabilization force.

I stand firm today by saying the same effects have been crippling Haiti’s development to date. Most of the leaders elected in Haiti are Agents of Drug barons across on the mainland USA or around the black Caribbean states  or worse puppets of France .

It is true that by any standards of every socio-economic measure, Haiti is in dismal shape. This is because the drug money does not developed Haiti it is banked away in Europe and in American banks. So, Haiti remains the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. 

I am not like others who still, would offer

more nuanced explanations of what keeps Haiti locked in a negative spiral, calling for the need to mend. I call a spade a spade. The drug menace from the Americas has destroyed Haiti. Just like the drug trade from Afghanistan had started destroying our East African coast.

It is sad that a few hundreds of kilometers away lies a great country called USA and back on the Haiti war torn zone lies a   fragmented social fabric of Haitian society. Therefore, it is something to think about. Why a Super power stands high and an Island stands in conflict?

In supporting fully, the deployment of any troops or police to Haiti I open up a new direction by asking hard questions to those who condemn Kenya and other countries that are sending their forces to Haiti. Do you need a dead “black Haitian or we must save a live black Haitian?

I don’t care whether you call me names but it is time to stop the mess that the USA has put us in regarding the Haiti conflict. There are those reasoning as if they never entered classrooms. Both Russia and China did not reject the idea but wanted a clearer text on the matter. Abstention does not me Rejection.

Lastly my view and support of the deployment is based on the experience Kenya and those countries have had in Peace keeping missions across the world.

How people make sense of this conflict and violence in Haiti remains to both sides. If you belong to those who oppose you will exaggerate the threat by seeing gangs on the street and you get scared.

But for any military strategist who has been in a similar military outfit like me, I would not worry on how to support. A war is not won by brandishing weapons. A war is won by strategy and proper planning.

In nutshell I do support resolution 2699 and I am only answerable to God and to those the mission will RESCUE in Haiti. Let us keep talking.

I remain

Yours truly

Dr. David Nyekorach – Matsanga




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