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AU must be neutral on Middle East

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Pan Africa Forum joins millions of peace lovers to condemn the deaths on both sides of the conflict. We are aware that if you step into a region of convulsions, there are positions of truth that you must prepare to take a stand for.

Pan Africa Forum, therefore states here that we recognize Palestine Authority (as recognize by AU) but we also firmly and truthfully stand with Israel on the fight against Hamas’s terrorism in the region. The self defence mechanism and factor stand tall according to us. 

Pan African Forum is aware that the African Union as an organisation founded on the basis of UNITY, PEACE and NON-ALIGNMENT must at all times stand on the basis of positive neutrality position in support of the other international agencies that foster peace not on the militant platforms like the Hamas   that we see across the globe.

Pan African Forum is shocked that the African Union Commission Chairperson Dr. Mahamat Faki Moussa is causing several diplomatic repercussions which are instantaneous. The statements that he has authored as the Head of AUC have put the AU in bad light and at the centre of the Middle -East conflict.

Pan African Forum further notes that African Union recognizes the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah headed by President Mahmoud Abbas and has never recognized Hamas terrorist faction that is fighting Israel. The Hamas faction headed by their dreaded leader Yahya Sinwar is designated as terrorist organization.

6. Pan African Forum notes with sadness that than Pan African organisation African Union has been taken over by a militant AUC Chairperson Mahamat Faki Mousaa WHO is issuing statements that  support international terrorism. Hamas is designated as a terrorist group not recognized by AU. These statements that are not supported by most AU leaders are causing discomfort in AU

Pan African Forum notes that there is enough intelligence that points towards Dr. Mahamat Faki Moussa’s support for the Chadian terrorists’ rebels who killed General Idriss Déby in 2021 in cold blood. These rebels   are based in South Libya under the command of General Khalifa Khafta and they have links with other terror groups that have disintagrated Libya and the Sahel region.

Pan African Forum is again shocked that the AUC Chairperson has not condemned the statements issued by Sinwar, dubbed the “Butcher of Khan Younis,” who mastermind the recent attacks against the Israel State 11 days. Why has AUC chosen to route of self-destruction instead of appealing for ceasefire?

The AUC Chairperson has failed in all his statements issued since the start of the conflict to condemn the attack on Israel by Hamas militants 11 days ago. He has ignorantly or by design failed to condemn both sides for violence where civilians from both sides are being killed.

Pan African Forum is alarmed that the AUC chairperson has not condemned the many fronts that are opening in the Middle -East conflict that might affect Africa’s stability. The new threat from Hezbollah who have called for a “day of rage”.  against Israel might have dire consequences for Africa’s fragile Sahel 

 Pan African Forum has seen and read statements published in newspapers in Africa where the AUC is now in a panic mode trying to justify their past links with militant organisations. AUC Chairperson links with Qatar a non-party state of AU is being exposed. 

Pan African Forum as an investigative and watchman of Africa has followed and gathered serious intelligence evidence that implicates and shows that Qatar has been financing the Chairperson of the AUC in return for being accorded roles in peace process in Africa like the one of DRC.

Pan African Forum ends its statement by saying that it stands with Palestine Authority in Ramallah not Hamas militants in Gaza and we also stand the state of Israel in its self defence strategy against the attacks that started 11 days ago. We fully support a TWO state solution and call for an immediate ceasefire to the conflict.


God bless Middle-East 

Dr. David Nyekorach -Matsanga

Founder/Chairman Pan African Forum (UK)Ltd 

Dated :19.10.2023

London United Kingdom

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