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NRM wants to use PDM to bribe voters during women councils’ elections- Amuriat

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Simon Kabayo
Simon Kabayo
Reporter whose work is detailed

The Forum for Democratic Change Principal, Patrick Amuriat Oboi has revealed that through their intelligence information, the National Resistance Movement Party wants to exploit the Parish Development Model (PDM) program to distribute money to voters during the LCI, LCII and women councils’ elections and other elections ahead.

Amuriat made the revelation today following the government’s delay to prepare the elections for LCI, LCII and Women Councils elections saying that FDC has been closely monitoring the actions of the National Electoral Commission in relation to the preparation for the long overdue elections for these elections and they are compelled to address several alarming developments.

“We have intelligence information that the NRM wants to exploit the Parish Development Model (PDM) to distribute money to voters during these and other elections. As we speak now, the NRM leaders are moving across the country discriminately distributing money under the guise of the Parish Development Model, some of which will certainly end up in the campaigns.” Amuriat said.

He added, “We wish to issue a stern warning that attempts to use any government programs for the purposes of political expedience will lead to failure of those programs and the undermining of democracy. This will easily lead to Ugandans seeking other means to bring change to their country.

In light of these concerns, we call upon the Electoral Commission to immediately release a clear and unambiguous roadmap for these elections.”

Amuriat further noted that initially, the Electoral Commission cited lack of funds as the reason for not organizing these elections. However, after several postponements, they subsequently released what appeared to be a roadmap for the elections, only to later backtrack and claim it was an internal document released in error.

“To us it looks like the National Electoral Commission may be engaged in games meant to take political parties in the opposition by surprise in order to favor the ruling NRM party. The purpose of these maneuvers appears to be aimed at creating confusion and disarray within opposition political parties and making it difficult for us to adequately prepare for the elections,” he said.

Amuriat asserted that there is a real risk that the Electoral Commission intends to hold these elections as a surprise when it suits the ruling party’s interests as they have done before.

“We urge the Electoral Commission to desist from playing “Ping-Pong” and to provide a level playing field for all political parties and candidates,” he cautioned. 

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