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Why Africa must be worried of David Cameron’s foreign policy

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By Dr. David Matsanga in United Kingdom

I wake up at night to write and inform Africa. I always try to use the tools I gained in the same universities in Britain to write and speak out my mind on topical issues. I am not going to narrow my brain to simple issues of the Malemas type in Africa. There are many dangers on the way that will face our continent.

I want to thank all those who wished us good luck and we won the first round of the Rwanda -Refugee saga that has brought down the second Home Secretary in the Tory Government.

As Home Secretary Suella Braverman was worse than Britt Patel on the issue on Rwanda-Refugee circus. The ruling was on Wednesday November 15, 2023. Sunak has smelt the coffee and done damage limitation.

Today let me try to analyze the new Foreign Secretary of Britain. As a scholar of political science there is no limit for me to educate Africa and create awareness to many African Foreign Affairs Ministers who will embrace the new changes in Britain. They need to learn the man who make journeys into Africa again.

The truth is that Cameron has fairly bland views on Europe and Africa which instantly make him a suspect figure. He is going to face a different party today from the one he left seven years and a half years ago. That will shape how he reacts on Africa.

My fellow Africans I write this from the bottom of my heart. Cameron’s position diverges from the present Tory orthodoxy that we saw King Charles III read in Parliament on Africa policy. It is not only on the EU but China, international aid, Africa and immigration but Cameron will be worse than any other Foreign Secretaries we have had.

He is not new to African war zones. Libya went down because of him and Sarkozy. They led the NATO to destroy Libya. I mean, only a month ago he accused Sunak of acting against the long-term interests of the country in foreign policy. He was very against the huge concessions that the UK was giving to African countries. Let African Foreign Ministers listen to me.

As an expert in Political Science & International Relations I have vowed to speak my mind on Africa. I will use my tools of analysis to warn Africa and the world about the pending obstacles.

The truth will show that many people in the world will inevitably raise questions over any ties with foreign governments, especially in Africa. How much did he receive for bombing of Libya? Was he investigated on the Libyan war? Who gained from the illegal oil deals of Libya? How much has Libya destabilized the region in Africa?

I must add that his counterpart in France Sarkozy was investigated and put on trial in France. He was found guilty of using Gaddafi money for his campaign! How much does Africa know on the new Foreign Secretary who comes when Africa is under many conflicts?

I want to say that what ultimately intrigues me most about this man Cameron’s appointment is that Sunak is far closer politically to his former Home Secretary Suella Braverman than the former Prime Minister. Sinak has the same views of sending refugees to Rwanda.

As an African who stood for the rights of Refugees worldwide, I am very sad. I am worried about what Cameron would bring for refugees in Britain? Or what are his views on immigration which is another topic that has created a hole in Sunak’s government?

African leaders who will read this article must know that on a whole range of social issues, Cameron is far to the right of whom you must not, forget, overcame widespread opposition from millions in Britain and within his own party to passed same-sex marriage.

 How does this affect Africa? Do we expect more sanctions on many African countries who might defy this? It is already an issue that is dividing Africa and it depends on how African countries will react!

It would be unfair to compare Cameron’s appointment as foreign secretary with, say, Sir Ted Heath bringing back John Profumo as minister for pillow talk. The PILLOW TALK which rocked UK politics.

 A rumour mongering era minister in Britain who caused damage to the Commonwealth and brought the first COUP in 1971 in my country Uganda. It is this coup of Uganda in 1971 that created the many Sunaks in Britain who today rule Britain in many aspects.

As an expert in political science I can simply tell you that that Sunak is simply pulling every lever at his disposal to see if anything still works. He is doing what Gobechv did in Soviet Union “PERESTROIKA” which is dangerous when GLASNOSTS are wrong.

To be honest, everything in Britain under the Tory Government in the last seven years or more has gone wrong. The COST of living is high. The pound buys few items in the supermarket.

The cost of gas and electricity are high. The rents have gone wrong. This is because in political science once you start restructuring and doing it in a piece meal manner like what Prime Minister Sunak, you create a REVOLUTION.

In summary the Perostroika Sunak is shaping in Britain is a disaster to Africa. Rt Hon David Cameron will add AGONY, ANGUISH, & PAIN to the Sunak’s bad FOREIGN POLICY in Africa.

I believe on Africa, Cameron has more questions to answer in the Africa and Arab world on how he ERASED LIBYA TO ASHES !

God bless Africa

Thank you

14.11.2023 London

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