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Aviator Game & Predictor Review

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The game Aviator is an emulator from the software developer Spribe, which was released in 2019. Practically, the Aviator game is a multiplayer slot. Several players can play at the same time. They can see the bets and winnings of other customers. There is a general chat where users can exchange messages, secrets, winnings. The gameplay is based on the flight of the airplane. He is gradually gaining height, which leads to an increase in the odds by which the pot is multiplied. The higher the takeoff, the greater the final winnings. It is important to take the money before the airplane crashes, which can happen at any moment. Within one flight, the odds vary from 1.00 to several thousand. Calculation of the winnings process is carried out according to the formula: bet amount multiplied by odds. The Aviator slot keeps the history of the last takeoffs of the Lucky Plane. After the brief analysis of the previous results  you can choose the optimal strategy of the game. The statistics show all bets, user spins and top wins. The latter are divided by the amount of winnings, odds and income. There are statistics for a day, month and year.

It is believed that Aviator Predictor does not give 100% results, and it is impossible to hack the game, as its algorithm is based on random number generation technology.

How to play Aviator Gam?

Previously, it was mentioned in this article that Aviator has pretty simple rules. RTP ratio (return to player) is kept at the level of 97%. Basically, this means that in 3 out of 100 flights, an airplane will fall down just at the beginning of the flight. The Aviator game has two playing possibilities: the first one is single flight and auto flight. In order to place a bet, you have to decide the amount of money that you want to put in. Before starting the round, just press the “Bet” button and this will immediately send your plane into the atmosphere. After the plane starts getting its altitude you will be able to see the current multiplier at the middle of the screen. You must take out your money before the plane goes down. The automatic mode has two main features. The first one is cash out that is carried out automatically. This feature allows you to specify the multiplier at which the cash out of your winnings will happen automatically. A brief and simple instruction on how to place a bet may be found below:

  1.  You have to set and adjust your bet size. On the bottom of the screen you can find a control panel on which “+” and “-” buttons would be located. You may choose the desired bet value using the “+” and “-” buttons.
  2. After the bet amount is set you are free to start a new round. New round starts every 5 seconds. 
  3. Carefully watch the altitude of the airplane. In addition, you have to keep your eye on the multiplier in order to extract your money just at the time. The minimum multiplier is 1.01, but it can reach up to x1000.
  4. After an airplane reaches the desired amount of multiplier, safely press the “Bet” button in order to stop the game and extract your money..

As you may have already understood, the game is pretty simple. It is simple to send an airplane into flight. The main difficulty is to stop at the right time.

Aviator Game Strategy

There are several strategies and life hacks on how to obtain significant winnings in this game. But you should understand that none of the strategies presented on the Internet can guarantee 100% results. Since, the Aviator game works based on a random number generator, which does not practically allow you to calculate the algorithm of the multiplier drop. Anyway,  we have developed useful strategies just for you. They help to control the game and the level of costs. Experienced players usually utilize 3 types of tactics. They only differ by approach, bet size, and the potential outcome:

  • The simplest and fastest strategy that is newbie friendly is the following: extract all bets in the range of 1,1-1,50. When you have a chance to analyze the statistics and multipliers drop you would be able to see that the average multiplier is about 1.8. More than half of the bets will be winning;
  • The second strategy’s key is data usage. After waiting for a series of 5 or more low rounds, you should place a bet and take one with the odds reaching 2.00. The second one can be left open and wait for a multiplication of x5-x10. The first bet is closed with odds of 2.00 to protect yourself from going into the minus, as the winnings overlap the potential loss from the second bet;
  • The third and most profitable strategy is suitable for players who are patient enough to wait for their turn to rock the boat. You need to examine when the latest x100 multiplier drop happened. From the selected mark you need to count one hour. According to the statistics, the multipliers 100-200 fall out once every hour and a half.

These are just advisory tactics that will bring profit in the long run if you stick to them.


Frankly speaking, there are some strategies that turn out helpful in the terms of Aviator game gambling. But, there is no way to predict the outcome of a round.  Aviator is a game based purely on luck and random number generation.There are various “prediction tools” advertised on the Internet, but they are only designed to attract traffic and possibly deceive you. Is not recommended to rely on such sources of the predictive tools.There are also videos on the internet that prove the existence of the signals. You can determine this yourself by watching a few of these videos and try a demo to see if these tips work. However, these tips are not 100% backed by facts. Instead, we recommend trusting your instincts, and relying on them. We wish you good luck and definitely do not forget to have fun while playing!

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