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Matsanga’s ‘doctrine of redemption strategy’ is safer than democracy in Africa

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I am writing this note about democracy because it is the most talked about in the world. The North always tells South to put its house in a democratic order but the type of democracy that the North wants for South cannot be achieved.

Take the case of Nigeria for example, with a population of 220 million people and where democracy has been diluted due to corruption and other factors that Socrates mentioned below.

The truth is that there are those that quote Socrates without knowing what he meant with democracy. Socrates predicted that one day “Democracy must fall because it will try to tailor to everyone. The poor will want the wealth of the rich, and democracy will give it to them. That is the fight in Africa.

The Young people will want to be respected as elderly and democracy will give it to them. Women will want to be like men and democracy will give it to them.

Foreigners will want the rights of the natives and democracy will give it to them. Corrupt people and fraudsters will want important government functions, and democracy will give it to them.

_And he said that at that time, when corrupt people and fraudsters will finally take over democratic authority because criminals and evil doers want power, there will be worse dictatorship than in the time of any monarchy or oligarchy.”

These were the words of Socrates millions of years ago predicting what will happen to democracy. Today across the globe we witness the Predictions and the type of turmoil we get from the word democracy.

My questions that need answers are many but I will narrow my analysis based on the current trends on the African continent.

The types of military coups, attempted coups, come as result of disputed ELECTIONS and Corrupt regimes. It is only in Africa where violence erupts after General Elections. The case of Nigeria where over 68 million voters never came to VOTE!

What then could be the cause? Is it democracy that is not understood, corruption as a tool, economic inequality as catalyst, or a sheer scale of understanding of democratic rights.

One of the countries in Africa that has shown that the coup was the right direction it needed to take is Mali. The young Generals in Mali decided to ban Elections and have sent the entire population to school on democracy.

Is it time to agree with democracy has brought LITIGATING STATES in Africa. We destroy our economies by swallowing bad pills of the type of DEMOCRACY from Europe that can’t be practiced in Africa.

My last question is how many millions in Africa understand the difference between ELECTIONS & DEMOCRACY that divides the nations of Africa every 4 or 5 years cycle?

I lay down my poisonous pen by telling AFRICANS to start ENHANCING a new format of “MATSANGA’S REDEMPTION STRATEGY DOCTRINE” which is better than competitive SHAM ELECTIONS that cause VIOLENCE in most African states.

I rest my case

God bless Africa

28.11.2023 London

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