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European Union headed by France is fermenting a violent regime change in Zimbabwe

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By Dr. David Matsanga

EU sanctions are silently fermenting a violent regime Change in Zimbabwe. There are two ways for Zimbabwe to avoid violent changes- from without or within.

I must state here from the time Tony Blair bent Zimbabwe’s route of development with sanctions there have been attempts to cause violent regime Change.

Conversely, European Union has successfully forced USA to adopt their views on Zimbabwe. The USA government has worked in concert with France to destroy Zimbabwe.

So my question is this: Why is the European Union renewing sanctions against Zimbabwe at this material time? Why has Zimbabwe failed to stand firm on its feet and treated EU or some countries in EU as enemies? Why is Zimbabwe’s foreign policy waffling? These guys don’t like you and you keep smiling at them!

These new sanctions, inevitably dubbed the Popcorns of Europe, looked a lot like the latest EU ballad of dissatisfaction. This type of left-wing extremism in Europe at moment is worrying. It has become a damaging divide within the EU and made Europe wonkery on Zimbabwe.

From my own reflection, I’m not sure my questions on EU at the start were the right ones? Clearly, from an international perspective Zimbabwe I believe has not sold its international position properly. It has not

These sanctions can be challenged by friendly states in the ICJ or European courts. But there you are ..The type of ego that you see in many African countries that respect white professors than black professors is the norm. That is the danger of African foreign ministries they prefer lobbyists like Tony Blair who destroyed them to some of us who have soiled our names because of the defence of Zimbabwe. 

Writer of the article David Matsanga.

Zimbabwe has not decided on how to deal with EU and France which is at the center of renewing EU sanctions on it. But in terms of the future direction for Zimbabwe, the EU sanctions appear to be a fait accompli. Zimbabwe must stop the foreign policy of appeasement of European Union. It is not paying and has never worked. Zimbabwe must hit EU with bare knuckles not with soft gloves. No colonial master is ever happy to see colonized territory overpower them.

I predict a whole cascade of changes and hardships that are laid down for Zimbabwe’s foreign policy which faces headwinds that are caused by France’s influence in EU. The France are slowly working on sponsoring a violent regime change or the worst a coup in Zimbabwe. Just keep this article for future reference.

While reflecting on the EU relationship with Zimbabwe I know and I have a surprising similarity to what the French were doing in West Africa before the armies of Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger and Guinea Conakry kicked them out.

Zimbabwe should check out French sponsorship of opposition that causes undercurrents in its internal politics. On the surface it looks smooth diplomatically but the violent regime change mechanisms are slowly being planted by EU.

If I am Wrong time will tell!

God bless Zimbabwe

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