IN FIGHTING MOOD: Musician Apass

We have reported about the brewing verbal war between musicians Apass and Geosteady. Well, the fight appears to have expanded with other players joining in, the latest person being ‘Sumbusa’ hitmaker Barbie Jay alias Nsolo Nkambwe.

He is furious with Apass for comparing him to Geosteady.

“Banange am sorry to reply this “Young Urban Excited boy” Bagonza (Apass) aka Comedian. Nze ndi Nsolo Nkambwe. I am a tough animal. You bringing my brother Geosteady in my forest is wrong… I might end up eating him up like a little chicken, at least you would have called Yiya Moze for him they match…….” he advised.

On Tuesday, Apass came out in a post on social media daring his colleague Geosteady to battle him.

“Geosteady Blackman you can’t ask to battle me, I can’t battle with a small fat little man. You are not on my level go and battle with Barbie J not me nze ngyakutagula tagula little man. The people you need to battle are those who can’t read and write plus those who don’t know English not me,” Apass warned.

With less than an hour after the post, Geosteady had hit back.

“Since you know posting and tweeting, drop your concert online hahaha Bambi,” he responded back.

Now that even Yiya Moze has been dragged into this, where do you think it’s headed?