FDC's offical defiance preacher Pastor Ngabo (R) has said singer Bebe Cool will rot in his house

Sorry, but if we’re being honest, flamboyant city pastor Happy David Ngabo has opened a ‘BIG MOUTH’ challenge on champion Bebe Cool … Well he may need to go back to his natural job of spreading the gospel.

According to an attendant at Tuesday’s weekly  defiance prayers attended by former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) presidential candidate Kizza Besigye in Najjanankumbi, Pastor Ngabo fired off a few shots (rant) towards Tubonga Nawe musicians (NRM leaning) whose self-appointed leader and spokesman is Bebe Cool.

Unlike last week when he was blocked by police, today, Besigye was allowed to attend the prayers without any incidents.

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On arrival just after 10am, the mood at the at the party offices turned ebullient with several religious leaders leading an intercession for punishments from ‘above’ against President Yoweri Museveni, IGP Kale Kayihura and Electoral Commission chairman Eng. Badru Kigundu.

Sheikh Musa Katende prayed that the trio be punished for subverting the will of the people in the just concluded elections.

It hadn’t gotten better until the youthful Pr Ngabo grabbed the microphone and started prophesying doom for the Tubonga Nawe artistes cursing them to ‘rot in their houses’ while interceding for Ghetto president Bobi Wine to ‘shine’ and be successful.

Other clerics dwelt on the ongoing debate about the Uganda’s healthcare system-highlighting the collapsed Radiotherapy machine at Uganda Cancer Institute in Mulago Hospital as a testament of a government that does not care about the plight of its citizens … in other words, defiance set in wholesomely.

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