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How the SC Villa – Express rivalry came about

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Where it all started


At Bata FC, with a management failure to fund the club as expected, Luyimbazi and his collegueas approached Express FC executive for the rebirth of Nakivubo boys and Red Eagles accepted in 1975.

However the funding was still not forthcoming and yet the club remained Express’ prime source of talent.It was around thus time that Nakivubo boys appointed its first executive officials. These included Kezekiah Segwanga Musisi(patron), Daniel Musoke Kiwalabye(chairman), Magid Bossa( vice Chairman), Edward Lutimbazi(secretary), Edward Kaweesa(Treasurer),Eriab Kamya (team manager ),Ahmed Seguya(former NRA army commander assistant manager) plus Fred Kawuma,Dan Lule and Mzee George Sebuliba as committee members and Joseph Kabundi (coach-player).

The club was again built on youngsters who were supported BT the old guards who had been members of the same team before the 1969 crisis.These were Moses Kaggwa,Kitatta Ssemakula,Taib Sentongo, Abbey Setubba,Abdul Kamya,George Kasozi,Joseph Kabundi,Mutyaba and Bumbakali.

They were joined by Shaban Mwinda,Sula Sentamu,Vincent Lubega,Hajji Kalema and several others.

In 1977,Nakivubo boys gained promotion to the second division and the club also received a shot in the arm when businessman George Ddamulira was appointed club patron.It was in the February of 1977 that the infamous governor Lt.Col Nassur Abdallah, a self appointed “_Disciplinary officer” for sports,announced a ban on Express.

This decree forced six former Nakivubo boys to return home.These included Badru Kakembo,Fred Sekasi (assistant coach),Fred Lukwago,Ismael Kirungi and Kennedy Mutunda plus tactician Charles Jaggwe.They helped propel Nakivubo boys into first division at the end of 1978 but the efforts of the executive were critical.

The club whose venue had been Nakivubo settlement, then Nakivubo Blue and later Cricket Ground (clock tower) had now moved to Nsambya Railways ground. It is perhaps important to note that after Express’ ban in 1977,the majority of its supporters became Nakivubo boys fans.

Story by Hassan Badru Zziwa

In the next article,we shall see how Kawooya transforms Nakivubo Boys to Sc Villa,then Express’ ban is lifted

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