INTRODUCED: Dennis Katongole 'Omutongole' introduced Asmart on Saturday.

NBS TV and CBS radio presenter, Titie Tabel popularly known as Lady Titie, was officially stolen from Delta TV’s Denis Katongole ‘Omutongole’ on Saturday when she ‘wedded’ Deo Serunjogi.

Katongole Omutongole, who is still legally married to Titie, had vowed to block the wedding but he didn’t succeed as it was held in secrecy.

In what appears to be an act of getting back at Titie, Katongole Omutongole also introduced another lady only identified as Asmart.

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Katongole and Titie have been together for a while and even had their wedding in 2010. They have three children together. Though the two separated last year shortly after Katongole, then presenting at Bukedde TV, was arrested on allegations of defiling a senior two student.

WE ARE THERE: Katongole 'Omutongole' at his introduction ceremony.
WE ARE THERE: Katongole ‘Omutongole’ at his introduction ceremony.

Titie has since been living with Serunjogi, whom she hooked shortly after her separation with Katongole. One the other hand, Katongole has been living a single life, hoping Titie would one day return home.

But on confirmation of her wedding with Serunjogi, he too rushed to introduce Asmart. However, we have learnt Asmart is in a relationship with another man, a one Matovu, who is on ‘Kyeyo’ in Dubai.

'DURING HAPPIER TIMES': Asmart with Matovu during their happier times
‘DURING HAPPIER TIMES’: Asmart with Matovu during their happier times

On learning about the introduction, Matovu has warned Katongole off Asmart, saying she is already engaged to him.

“……….of the married ladies you’ve messed with, this time you messed with a wrong person. You should have used the money you wasted on the introduction to fishing because that is my wife,” he responded via Facebook.

He vowed to teach the Beat FM presenter a lesson once he gets back to Uganda.


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