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MP Nsereko bashed over Kato Lubwama’s academic papers

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Kato Lubwama has appeared in court today to answer to a case in which he is accused of not having the requisite academic qualifications to be a Member of Parliament.

But before he appeared in court, his close friend, Muhammad Nsereko, the Kampala Central MP had a few words for him, assuring him of his support.

“Dear comrade Kato Lubwama, just know you will never walk alone . Am with you all the way no matter what. I know all those that are trying to fight you know they can’t defeat you in the ballot. Just know brother that we shall always stand by you no matter the situation.

The youth and the elderly shall all stand with you. Solida NAMUTIMA,” he wrote today morning on Facebook.

However, the same words have landed him a public lashing.

Below are some of the reaction from the public:

Jjemba Abdul Nassibu It’s Kato fighting himself. The issue isn’t about popularity. It’s all about qualification. Nsereko you better help your kibi to verify his papers than saying that he is being fought. Is he the only MP being sued for papers? Over 70 MPs were sued. My comrade we should stop this stupid hooligan reasoning.

Badde GoForward Ignicious this isn’t about Muhammad Nsereko being with him all the way. It’s about presenting evidence that the guy saw enough blackboards required for him to be in Parliament. It’s a pity for Muhammad Nsereko to continuously insinuate that Dr. Besigye and FDC are fighting him. Surely, Nsereko you’re very small fish to compare yourself to Besigye who is a whale in the sea.

Isaac Businge It’s saddening that you have put yourself self on the frontline over this issue. Let your friend prove his critics wrong…..this is a moment of proving self worth. What if the outcome is otherwise from what think? You need to protect your credibility and integrity from such smoky environments…….Kato Lubwama is not an ambassador for the youth and elderly as you want us to believe, he is a self seeker (he put it in black n white a while back). Let him stand up to his feet m prove his worth.

Badde GoForward Ignicious in relation to a human body, Muhammad Nsereko is a fingernail and Besigye is the whole human body. Ths nonsense of Nsereko running on tv n radio station insinuating dat Besigye and his FDC is fighting hm shd stop. You are MP material of just Kampala but Besigye is a president material of d whole Uganda.

Nassozi Lilian Ntambi Kato was voted on compromise Hajji because we knew he could do a lot of nothing while in parliament but him going on tv and start dissing pipo because we voted him was the least expected…stop thinking that FDC is in this or whatever just know pipo in Rubaga aren’t happy wt him.

Robert Riyales I can’t imagine nsereko defending this hooligan in the name of#Kato_Lubwama

Have always held alot of respect for this fella nsereko. First of all lubwama yayagalwa nyo abalonzi naye bwe yatuuka mu palyamenti neyeyononera erinya hardly a month or two. Kati the likes of Nsereko to come up n defend such a person defeats my undstandg.


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