CAT FIGHT: (L-R) Zella and Zahara Toto

Yesterday was a birthday for Spark TV presenter, a one Zahara Toto. However, what she received on the day from Don Zella, the former girlfriend of Bigeye, was the least expected on the day. It was a cat fight.

This fight was started by Zahara who has allegedly been attacking Zella on her Spark TV show.

“Zahara too, this is the right time for you to rethink about abusing other people on air, calling them whores. You too are just hustling on TV. You are a grown up woman only that you are less known. With four kids, it’s high time you started minding about your business and leave alone people who are on their hustle,” Zella ranted.

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She went on: “Every kid with its father, we also have details about you only that we opt to remain silent. Though, if it becomes too much, we also roll out what we know. I wouldn’t be bothering to talk about you because you are nothing before me but it’s too much. You can do your job without attacking each and every person otherwise you are even badly off (as compared you the people you are attacking.”

Zella further advised her fellow women to learn how to respect others because all have a thing they know about each other only that they prefer to keep it to themselves.

“Everyone has one’s past life. If you don’t know anything about me, it’s better to remain silent. Style up lady – working on Spark Tv doesn’t make you mortal. It’s not a job to me……”

Responding to Zella’s rant, Zahara said having four kids isn’t a big issue.

“Having four kids is a blessing; many are looking for kids. I don’t care even if each has its own dad as long as I’ve never come to your house, asking for food or school fees. If you were to look through the fathers to my children, is there any you can compare to your man? Stop wasting my time because I am not a whore………..” Zahara, formerly with Club Venom and Play hit back and the war is still raging on social media.

What advice do you give to the two?