HULLO: President Yoweri Museveni greets the author Mr Nabende Wamoto.

Jack Maumbe Mukhwana, the legendary Bugisu FRONASA veteran, in whose compound in Malukhu estate -Mbale two youthful combatant friends of Yoweri Museveni were killed by Field Marshal Idi Amin soldiers in the 70s, is no more. At the time in 1970s, Museveni escaped narrowly and fled through then Nashibiso forest into safety.

The last time we met President Museveni with the late Maumbe Mukhwana, we did remind him  that civilians in Bududa pursued and captured the former Obote.II Chief of Staff (COS) Brig. Smith Opon Acak when the latter attempted to launch a rebellion in Mount Elgon on behalf of his former commander in chief – Dr. Obote, who was then living in Zambia.

If Luweero Triangle area can be referred to as the Mecca (of the NRM revolution) then Bugisu must be the Jerusalem of National Resistance Movement because Bagisu paid harshly if Ugandans and the world can remember the firing squad that took place in Mbale after the only one at Queen’s clock tower in Kampala which squad claimed the innocent life of a very young secondary school student called Namirundu.

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The Bamasaba Kampala Chapter therefore request and require that due to our heroic contribution to the FRONASA and NRM cause, the deceased be honoured by the National Assembly (Parliament) and also be promoted posthumously to the rank of General since he did much more than Honorary Brigadiers ‘Ahmed Mbayo’ a.k.a Amama Mbabazi and Eriya Kategaya.

And that the house of the late Mawumbe Mukhwana be converted into a very magnificent tourist, revolutionary and training monument.

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