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Why was Uganda removed from Agoa?

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Mr. Brad Brooks-Rubin,

Senior Adviser
Office of Sanctions Coordination
U.S. Department of State


Uganda  has endured the AGOA sanctions and bad image for its exports what we perceive as unjust and illegal removal from AGOA  imposed by your USA Government .

Against this backdrop, I would like to seek further clarification on how , what criteria, you used in arriving on Uganda’s removal from the list .

I am  particularly concerned as a Ugandan since this removal deters other export markets that want to buy our products .

The  explanation on U.S. sanctions will throw light on your notable shift in U.S. foreign policy towards Uganda , possibly wanting to destroy our commercial diplomacy with the world .

Millions of Ugandan farmers  are seriously intrigued  about the United States’ AGOA sanctions and your ongoing denial of sanctions against Ugandan exports in general.

The removal of Uganda from the list is viewed by Ugandans  as a direct affront to their sovereignty. The assertion that sanctions solely target AGOA is unacceptable and must be unequivocally condemned.

Uganda, as a sovereign nation, refuses to be intimidated by the actions of the U.S. government. The selective approach on which African countries the USA targets worries millions of Ugandans.

Our nation will maintain the steadfastness which is imperative for Uganda to uphold its principles and VALUES. These are the values that make us a nation .Just as USA has principles in the culture ,Uganda stands on its principles and our sort of nationalism stands on those values.

As Ugandans we believe that the good days of Ronald Reagan’s  policies of containment are gone and Rogue administrations have changed paradigm shift and lost USA  international reputation.

Lastly , we notice that your sanctions are also targeting our institutions and heads of those institutions which govern the State of Uganda. It is against the international human rights to target, profile others without basis.

The way things look like, we are on the road towards ICJ to seek clarification as to why Uganda’s international human rights have been profiled and violated by selective sanctions. 

Furthermore, your recent actions have harmed American investments opportunities in Uganda as safe destination for American businesses. The USA skewed selective foreign policy that has not helped must change in global context.

In almost all regions of Africa, there are resentments to your FOREIGN POLICY of using Fake pretexts of human rights violation yet you remain the biggest human Rights violators across the world.

This is the last letter , the next action will be at higher levels of international Justice when several nations in Africa might take collective measure to expose the double standards .

Unlike Uganda which you torment with sanctions ,Niger people are today demonstrating on the streets of Niamey as they want you out of Niger .

Hoping that you expeditiously reply to this later ,

God bless Uganda

Yours truly

Dr.David Nyekorach -Matsanga
Founder/Chairman of PAF
London United Kingdom

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