PEEVED? Singer Maureen Nantuume

Golden Band musician Maureen Nantume has a new song, ‘Maridadi’, which has a good video but it has all the same been strongly criticized by the public.

One of those is renowned entertainment writer and critique, Edgar Batte, whose comments seem to have rubbed Nantuume the wrong way..

“The video is very good and the production is also on point though. Her only biggest contribution to the song is her wig. Her wig is so beautiful. I am impressed,” Batte commented on the song while appearing on Bukedde TV.

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He rated the song at 2 out of 10. Similarly, renowned music producer Joe Tabula also rated Nantuume’s song at 2 out of 10, saying she had a lot to do on her voice on that particular video.

Lovely Yiana Kats: To be honest am a muganda i know luganda but what that woman sings i dnt get its like she has no teeth ate nga when she talks she has a big voice sibitegera!!!

Responding to the criticism, Nantume threatened to beat up Batte.

“One day I’ll walk slowly (to his office) and slap an old man then later tell him the reason as to why I slapped him. You guys should leave people alone. Silence doesn’t mean being a fool,” she shared on social media.