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Lotteries and gaming regulatory board announces round one of licensing

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Boses Muhinda
Boses Muhinda
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The Lotteries and Gaming Regulatory Board (LGRB) is a body corporate established under the Lotteries and Gaming Act No. 7 of 2016.The Board came in to effect on the 8th of April 2016.The supporting Regulations came in to effect on 26th May 2016.This is the first licensing round under the Act.

The LGRB was established to enforce the law relating to the conduct of lotteries, gaming, betting and casinos, to establish the national lotteries and gaming regulatory board, to provide for licensing and regulation of lotteries, gaming and betting; to provide for taxation of casinos, gaming and betting activities.

The Board is therefore mandated by law to supervise and regulate the establishment, management and operation of lotteries, gaming betting and casinos in Uganda, and to protect the citizens from the adverse effects of gaming and betting in Uganda.


The activities licensed are:

  1. Lotteries
  2. Casinos
  3. Betting houses
  4. Slot Machine operations

Licensing requirements and criterion;

  1. Applications shall be open to registered companies only (proof of incorporation).
  2. Investment License for Foreign owned companies i.e. more than 50% foreign owned
  • Audited books of accounts for existing operators and Proof of capital adequacy in relation for Lotteries and Gaming (Capital adequacy) Regulations
  1. Detailed description of the games you intend to promote /machines you intend to use and how they work. Attach a copy of the specific rules applicable to each game to be introduced.
  2. Details of Equipment as to serial numbers, make/model, origin and proof of certification by recognized gaming standard of the equipment and / software intended to be used.
  3. Proof of Intended physical address of business/principal location and any other secondary locations if identified. Applicant should attach proof of ownership or intention to lease premises identified or proof of any such arrangements. Premises must comply with premises guideline.
  • Detailed business plan. This should detail the following;
  1. Clear statement of project objectives,
  2. Applicants profile,
  3. Details of investment costs and how the proposed investment will be finance: name specific sources of funds and their contracts, terms and conditions of loans if applicable.
  4. Projected financial and economic analysis
  5. Expected employment generation in Uganda.
  6. Proposed implementation schedule and any other relevant information.
  • Proof of Tax Registration and attach tax clearance certificate if company has been existing for more than 12 months.
  1. Particulars of Directors of the Company. This should include proof of citizenship, their legal status in Uganda and detailed curricula vitae highlighting experience in activities license is sought for.
  2. Particulars of key employees (Chief Executive, Chief of Operations, Chief of Accounts and Branch Manager/ Gaming Floor Managers for Casinos).
  3. In case of foreign Directors/ foreign key employees work permits, Interpol clearance.
  • Bank account details and evidence of start-up funds for New Applicants.
  • Security guarantee of prescribed amount as per activity license is sought in the prescribed format (guarantee to be submitted after approval of application by the Board).
  • Proof of payment of prescribed fees (application fees). License fees to be paid after application is approved by the Board.
  1. Detailed program of corporate social responsibility.





  • The following companies fulfilled all requirements and are licensed for 2017;




1. Audley Limited T/A Kampala Casino and Pyramids Casino Pan African House,Kimath Avenue,2nd Floor.Kampala.
2. Casino Golden City Limited T/A Golden City Casino Plot 12, Cham Towers Kampala Road
3. Crown Casino Limited Plot 83, Katalima Road, Kololo Courts
4. Firma Profit International limited T/A Big win Plot 2 Old Portbell Road
5. Fortuna Limited T/A Mayfair Casino Plot 2/4 Kisozi Close, Nakasero, Kampala.
6. Garden City Casino Limited T/A Simba Casino/Bet Plot 64, Yusuf Lule Road Kampala
7. Grand Victoria Limited T/A Diamond Casino Plot 3,Ndundas Road, Kololo Courts
8. Visvar Investments Limited T/A Nile View Casino Plot 54, Lubas Road Jinja


1. A better Place Limited T/A Gals Sports Betting Archer Road Plot 11, Kampala
2. Best Holdings Limited  T/A Betwin Queens Way, Katwe PLOT 936, Kampala
3. Eldorado Company Limited  T/A Premier Bet/Slots Plot 26/28, Ben Kiwanuka Street Kampala
4. Fair Sports Betting Limited T/A Fair Betting Plot 150, Nsalo Road.
5. Game Pros Limited Kisozi Complex, Nakasero Lane, Kampala
6. Gateway Gaming Limited T/UBET Room 361 Equatorial Mall, Bombo Road, Kampala
7. Kings Investments Limited T/A Kings Sports Betting Plot 19, Market Street, Platinum House Kampala
8. Lucky Sports Betting Limited T/A Luck Betting Mawanda Road, Kampala
9. Mena Sports Consulting Uganda Limited T/A Betin Uganda Block A 5th Floor, UAP Building Nakawa, Kampala
10. Parsha International Limited T/A Max Bet Kulambiro Ring Road, Kisasi, Kampala.
11. Rangers Limited T/A Betway Plot 42, Lugogo House, Lugogo Bypass.
12. Sports Betting Africa T/A SBA Plot 8 Burton Street Aponye City Mall
13. Top Bet Limited T/A Top Bet Plot 42, Lugogo Bypass, Lugogo House, Kampala
14. Wolf Sports Betting Limited T/A Wolf Sports Betting. Mawanda Road.
15. Intelworld Limited T/A Bet Pawa Plot 49 Block B5 Ntinda
16. Enterprise Bet & Company Limited Plot 3A2 & 3A2 Ground Floor Forest Mall


1. Club Win Limited  T/A Club Win Acacia Place, Acacia Road


Licensed companies should adhere to the Law and Regulations and in particular.

  • The minimum size of Casinos, gaming/betting premises must be 30sqms and can only be in a city, municipality or Town council.
  • Gaming equipment, systems and software must be authorized by the board before use.
  • Key employees must be licensed by the board these include the CEO, Chief of operations, Chief of accounts, Premises managers /gaming or floor managers for casinos.
  • Minors who are defined by law as persons below 25 years must not be involved directly or indirectly or engage in gaming/betting activities. Therefore operators must require all punters to show a national ID as proof of age before accessing any gaming, betting or Casino premise.
  • Operation times – all gambling operators are required to operate within the prescribed times of 10pm -4 am.Operations carried outside these times are illegal and can result in dire consequences to the operator.


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