DURING THE GOOD TIMES; Jose Chameleone with Serena Bata at the shooting of a video for their collabo.

There is an ongoing verbal fight between singers Jose Chameleone and Serena Bata. It all begun this morning when Chameleone made online posts claiming that Bata’s husband, music promoter Charles Olim, popularly known as Sipapa, is a burglar.

Jose Chameleone kisses Serena Bata’s hand during the shooting of a video for their collabo

This message didn’t go down well with Serena Bata to whom Sipapa is both a manager and husband; she immediately took to the same forum to hit back at Chameleone, threatening to ‘expose’ how he ended up breaking his legs years back.

“Am here by defeating this Guy’s words he wrote earlier this morning
If #chameleone says that #SIPAPA (my husband) is a burglar, the question is how did he know that Sipapa is a burglar? Unless he’s a burglar too; birds of the same feathers?” she writes.
“And do you want us also to tell the world what really happened to your legs? Since we are not of the same mindset I won’t go deep into that the way you’ve done but let me make this clear to the world that my husband (#SIPAPA) is well LIVE and kicking..”

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Serena also roused the case of Robert Karamagi, a man who was found burnt to death at Chameleone’s house in 2012. No person has ever been tried over his painful death.

“Do want us also to reveal how Karamagi died so that the whole world can know how murderous you are?” she asked.

“Thanks Chameleone because for the goods and friendship we’ve showed you this is the way you’ve paid us back. Remember #GOD‘S eye is ever open and watching you ……may the Almighty bless you sir…”

Indeed Chameleone has been a good friend of Sipapa, a man who reportedly shot to fame as a filthy rich musician’s manager.

Their friendship began when Chameleone recorded a song, ‘Nkoleki’ with Melody, one of the artistes then signed to Sipapa. Apparently, Sipapa gave him a Range Rover Sport to secure the collabo.

In his post, Chameleone acknowledged he has been a close friend to Sipapa but “I realize I made fake friends, who have continuously abused my kindness and love”.

“From the day I knew Sipapa was a burglar, he got uncomfortable and we lost the logistics of friendship!
It’s sad it’s all been interpreted in the name of a family conflict! Yes. Daniella ain’t happy with some of my ways but above all I am not going to be belittled by a thief, burglar, posing as a boss to disguise himself in my family issues.
“Last week after discovering he’s burglar, he got uncomfortable with our friendship. Worst most posing as a millionaire with no permanent address. Mr. you have terrorized Prince Charles Avenue Kololo and should put effort to prove me wrong. I was your friend and never knew you break into people’s houses for a living!! That’s why I asked my wife to stay away from you. But since you are proving me wrong,
please explain. Why you were almost killed for breaking into Jalal Elachkar House at 3:am, and Bob Kabonero’s house some day! Its the truth and it’s your duty to defend it!!.”

Ironically, the fight comes at a time when Sipapa had just secured another collabo with Chameleone for one of his artistes, none other than Serena Bata!

Serena Bata and Chameleone have a collabo together which is barely a month old. Whereas less has been revealed between the fallout of the once close friends, word has it that the bitter differences began when Sipapa wanted to ‘get close’ to Chameleone’s wife, Daniella Atim.



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