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Any post-graduate student pursuing a career in any judicial jurisdiction should know that in principle ‘you go to the law with clean hands’.

But it seems one of the students at the prestigious Law Development Centre (LDC) does not want to be bound by such strictures, and on November 20 marched off with a lecturer’s backpack from the Computer Laboratory.

Interestingly, this ‘thief-cum-future lawyer’ is also averse to technology and did not even for once, think about one of the reasons as to why CCTV cameras were installed in the Computer Lab.

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Anyhow, the theft was reported and soon after a statement released by the LDC Academic Registrar Everest Turyahikayo, imploring the thieving student, whose identity is now known after the CCTV review, to discretely return the stolen bag in exchange for immunity from any form/type of disciplinary action.

“Dear Students,

This is to inform you that today a lecturer reported loss of her black bag stolen after the lecture on 20th Nov 2017 from the computer laboratory. A team of experts has this morning examined the CCTV footage in the library. The identity of the student who picked the bag has been obtained. The student is yet to handover the lost item to LDC administration.

This is to request the student who picked the small black bag to return it today by 4:30pm. The bag should be dropped at the Academic Registrar’s desk. In case you used the money in the bag, please return the bag and other contents.

I wish to give assurance that should you deliver the bag today within the indicated time, no adverse action will be taken against you.”

However, despite Academic Registrar Turyahikayo’s pleas and the ultimatum, the bag is yet to be returned.


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