Vincent Sekatte with Halima

Halima Sekatte, the wife to police spokesman Vincent Ssekatte has vowed to crush any lady who tries to snatch her man.

Halima Sekatte


This follows media reports and photos showing Ssekatte, who is married to Ms Halima Ssekatte, was introduced last week by another lady, one Nabunya, to her parents. The news didn’t go down well with Halima.

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Halima, who already has three kids with the law enforcement officer, laughed at Nabunya, saying ‘she had been fooled because no man makes a formal visit to the home of lady without a single friend, workmate or family member by his side yet this is what happened.’

“We got married and I introduced him to my parents officially and he also did that. This will come to pass and I am strong. I don’t associate with co-wives and I stand by my word. I will never have a co-wife in my life,” she vowed on social media.

She further added that ever since they started dating in 2006, they had been through the thick and thin.

“We have been through a lot, have been through hell and back and we still have each other’s backs. I have been with him even before his police days,” Halima said.

In her latest comments, she says that whereas she met Ssekatte when he was ‘a no body’, she knows Nabunya is a gold digger.

“I just know it. Most girls pick interest in only successful people. Ladies please learn how to respect people’s relationships and lives. I would like to extend my gratitude to all my in-laws who have stood by me in this trying moment and support me,” Halima wrote.

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