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Gen Sejusa fact-checks Museveni on Commonwealth Games tweet

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Controversial General David Sejusa has broken a three-year ‘loud silence’ and challenged President Yoweri Museveni on facts concerning the latter’s tweet about the Commonwealth Games.

Gen Sejusa’s contention is in respect to the President’s tweet written while flagging off the Ugandan team for the 21st Commonwealth Games taking place in Queensland, Australia.

“I started following the Commonwealth Games in 1954 hosted in the city of Melbourne. I was in primary school but I remember seeing the beautiful pictures coming from the Games. One of the earliest pictures was of a higher jumper called Patrick Etolu, who was a higher jumper,” the President wrote.

However, Gen. Sejusa says that by 1954 it was impossible for Museveni to have started following the Commonwealth Games because by then there was no platform through which this could have happened.

In his response to the President’s tweet, Gen. Sejusa further notes that in Uganda radio broadcasting started in 1952 while television broadcasting started in 1963.

#firstradio broadcasting in Uganda started 1952 while Television broadcasting began 1963. Even then, I imagine in Governor’s House Entebbe! 1st newspaper, Munno (Catholic 1911) reached Nyamitanga Parish, Mbarara 1956! Now TVs or newspapers in Kyamate in 1954?” Gen Sejusa tweeted ending with a laughter emoji.

Their followers were quick to get a piece of the exchange with many seeming to be in support of Sejusa, whose tweet comes almost three years of silence.

Ms Alice Ruhindi, who is also former Premier Amama Mbabazi’s sister-in-law said that in 1954, President Museveni was still living deep in the village where radio ownership was for a privileged few.

‘The problem with telling lies is that one gets caught out. The lucky ones listened to radio. Only headmaster, the vicar & Gombolola Chief had radio. Which TV did you watch? Newspapers?’ wonders Ms. Ruhindi.

The Commonwealth Games is an international multi-sport event involving athletes from the Commonwealth of Nations led by Great Britain.

The event was first held in 1930, and has taken place every four years since then, with the exception of 1942 and 1946 Games which were cancelled due to the Second World War.

President Museveni chats with leaders of the Commonwealth Games team that travelled to Queensland, Australia. Looking on is First lady and Education and Sports Minister Janet Museveni.

Meanwhile, the President wished the Ugandan team to Queensland good luck and promised to slaughter the athletes some bulls if they perform well.

He was also impressed with the planning that was done by the team leaders to ensure that team travels on time.

“I am glad there’s better planning this time because issues of logistics were handled early, the President said, and emphasized that sportsmanship is a talent that leads to recognition and fame.

“You have rare talents which you should use and guard jealously because it also brings recognition to your country and promotes tourism,” he encouraged the team members.

He said some sports, like netball and rugby need cooperation the sports men and women to work as a team to excel.

He noted that these are only possible if the atheletes are disciplined, adding that if they drink alcohol and do umalaya (prostitution), they would fail.

He also advised them on strategy, saying for if one is  running the middle and long races, they must have a strategy, especially  knowing  ‘how to conserve energy, where to go slow and where to sprint’.



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