HULLO: President Yoweri Museveni greets the author Mr Nabende Wamoto.

By Nabendeh Wamoto S.P

Armed 24,000 reservists (Local Defense Units) to be deployed in the troubled and insecure areas of Kampala and Wakiso maybe too much of gun power since this would translate into 3 divisions which is equivalent to half of the total strength of Uganda Peoples’ Defense Forces (5 divisions). This pronouncement was made by H.E President Museveni in his 09th September, 2018 State of the Nation Address (SONA) in the post-assistant superintendent of police (ASP) Mohammad Kirumira gruesome murder on the evening of Saturday 8th September, 2018.

For the nation to survive there must be strict ability to gather, evaluate, interpret and understand her (country’s) general environment more specifically that of security and defense. There is a total global paradigm shift from the traditional 3Cs (Command, Control and Coordination) to now the popular 3Ds (Detect, Delay and Deter) and Uganda must not be left behind in this new formula to pursue the same.

In my view and looking at the patterns of events, criminals appear to have superior skills (training) very advanced and well organized which to me require less gun power with more intelligence. The patterns are that initial victims such as the Muslim Sheiks, senior State Attorney Joan Kagezi were gunned down in mid-evening hours.

AIGP Andrew F. Kaweesi, Maj. Mohammed Kiggundu were extinguished in mid-morning hours of the day.
Retired Col. Ibrahim Abiriga and now ASP Mohammed Kirumira reversed back to mid-evening again. The President applauded (Mrs.) Catherine Bamugemereire’s land inquiry job, mentioned but not to satisfaction the ongoing selfish competition amongst national investigative agencies and failure to facilitate competent delivery of intelligence, briefly mentioned the lack of human resources in 1986 when NRA was forced to make a stopover at Nagalabi-Buddo to mobilize a backup bank of opposition professionals to assist in governance before the final assault for the Kampala takeover, also complained about the noisy prayers by the Pentecostal (Balokole) Christians, foreign influenced Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that hire youth to destabilize national peace and security through burning of tyres on the highways, roads and looting shops and from street vendors.

To a lay Ugandan, intelligence is to be alert on enemy action which must be timely and above all useful. Contrary to the general public’s perception that intelligence is organized terror and scare machinery, actually intelligence (prophesy) is key to war or insecurity.

Availability of intelligence is of paramount importance in destroying enemy communication signals, receiving warning orders, selecting enemy ambush areas, appreciation of ambush plans, preparation and staging of ambushes, formation of strike (killing) groups, establishment of reserve groups, laying of equipment needed for ambush, issuance of operation orders to the concerned human resources (troops), rehearsal of action and battle discipline.
Nabendeh Wamoto S.P