It was a bad day for Music artist, Fille Mutoni after her husband Edwin Katamba aka Mc Kats moved onto the stage and grabbed the microphone as the wife perfumed at wave lounge, Kololo during Valentine’s Day celebrations.

Being the man at the helm of Thursday’s shows at Wave lounge, the celebrated MC used to opportunity to grab the microphone leaving Fille with no option rather to step of the stage.

According to Douglas Lwanga, Kat’s co-host of NBS’s after five musical show, the couple has had a misunderstandings for quite a good time and they reportedly separated.

With the microphone in control, Katamba said, people don’t understand, these artists think they are big and powerful forgetting that they started with nothing.

“I have the right to stop her performance or do anything I feel like with her because I am the one did everything possible to push her to this level she now boosts of. I made her a star but she doesn’t seem to know that,” said Mr. Katamba.

Lwanga said he has for several times tried to fix meetings with Fille but all has been futile. “People fall in and out of love on a daily so it’s not new. I have interacted with Kats on a daily I know he has failed you many times but you too have failed him many times. If its soccer it’s a draw,” he said on social media.

“Let’s all get that quiet time and remember the sacrifices that took to build that brand and the happy moments you two shared. Unless you say there was no impact he had in your life but i know you have confessed he has been instrumental to your career,”

“Honestly I know he hurt you in many ways, you had a right to go mad but remember you too did the same to him in equal measure. No one can forget eight years of working together and just drop the ball. No one can take that in easily and I don’t judge Kats for any actions I see him take,” Lwanga wrote on social media.