The iconic San Siro stadium is likely to be bulldozed in the next few years after Inter Milan joined AC Milan in deciding that a new £630 million home should be built.

The two Serie A clubs will now submit design plans to the Milan authorities for the shared project, which would open its doors for the 2022-23 season.

According to Gazzetta dello Sport, Milan had already decided a 60,000-capacity new stadium was necessary some time ago but Inter favoured a renovation of the existing 80,000-seater stadium.

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However, Inter have now come on board with the plans for a new ground, that will be constructed on the car parks adjacent to the present San Siro.

It will be set partly below street level to reduce the visual impact on the neighbourhood and the area around the stadium will also be developed.

Both teams will be able to continue playing at the San Siro during the construction of the new arena next door.

Another reason for Inter eventually rejecting the renovation option was because it would have meant a reduced capacity for several seasons while the work was carried out.

Inter and Milan have the two highest average attendances in Italian football at 58,789 and 54,651 respectively for the 2018-19 season.

The clubs will now work together to finalise the plans and try and get a green light from the city council to begin work by the end of next season.

The Mayor of Milan, Beppe Sala, warned earlier this month that the new stadium won’t come cheap.

He said: ‘Building a new stadium is a very expensive undertaking, but I don’t want to influence anything.

‘I’m waiting to see the proposal from Inter and Milan. Hopefully it’ll arrive before the holidays. In my opinion, San Siro is a wonderful facility.’ – Daily Mail.

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