Bugingo and his new lovebird Susan Nantaba.

By Michael Woira

We have shouted enough in your churches, we have praised you enough, we have flocked your sacred houses, we have even referred to you as our gods and yes, indeed you have also played your role, you have collected money from us and you are now loaded pastors sleeping in very expensive houses and we are still in our kafundas .The vulgarity that is being used by some senior citizens and our pastors isn’t appealing at all. As a society, we hold professionals to a high standard. They are expected to work in the best interests of vulnerable people and now some of our religious leaders have no respect for the people they lead.

When Jesus Christ, the earthly son of Jewish peasant Mary and carpenter Joseph comes again from the place we are taught and call heaven, you can be sure there will be stampede, chaos and tumult. Why? Because, the last time he was here, he caused “instability” in the socio-political and religious status quo, by not only making miracles of raising the dead, making the blind see, the lame walked but more seriously, he told off the representatives of the Roman Emperor, that the, Christ, the son of man, was not only a son of God, but One with God!.

When he was crucified, punished seriously on behalf of us all, he kept on calling the name of the almighty God who commanded him to do everything in his name, Jesus did not register any religion or organization called Catholicism, Protestantism, presibetereanism or the so much loved and cherished Savedism; He was circumcised, but not a Muslim, just like all Jews. So, Roman Catholics ,Anglican Protestants, Presbyterians, American Pentecostals with all their innumerable churches, and all these religious factions which have taken over what Jesus Christ firmly left for not only his Apostles and disciples ,but all humanity; Faith in the Christ that overturned tables and whipped vendors from the temple; the Christ that rebuked Pharisees and called  them vipers and hypocrites for fasting as a show to impress, when he comes, you can be sure he will be harsher than then, because at least then , believers were following the imperfect law  of Moses that preached “an eye for an eye.

Jesus Christ performed miracles to strengthen the wavering faith of his disciples and believers! Today, miracles have been a business, a trade! In our various Churches, an electronic preaching, street preachers, all promise miracles, but not free of charge! Just like it was in the 16 century before Martin Luther protested the sell of “indulgences “by some authorities of the then one, universal, Catholic Church, and gave birth to what we now have as the “Reformed Churches”!. So, miracles, which can now be procured, have replaced our faith and honest prayer to our makers in Heaven and we now have earthly gods in our Churches who arrogantly say what they feel like whoever hurting it is and we all clap for them or even say AMEN(Akitegedde kubila yesu engalo ezamanyi and we all clap cheering them).

What am I driving you to, am trying to let you know of what Jesus did that I expected to happened today but all is in the contrary because after all, most of our pastors preach and come up with all sorts of miracles, campaigns etc to capture the attention of the believers, Now I have been wondering all days why a very well recognized pastor with such a following can organize a day just to abuse, talk ill and preach about a woman that he once married in a very jovial happy religious setting.

 Has he just realized that he married a stupid woman as he calls her, as he just realized that he committed a sin to marry her as his wife? Has he just recognized that he married a woman who once suffered from Fistula? Is he a new Christian convert that he had not recognized that once you are married you become one at all times and in all situations? Can we salute him like his followers are doing because he is talking ill about the wife and mother to his children?

According to what I am seeing happen at some Churches, I now believe not any literate man or woman has the capacity and competence to understand and interpret the bible to be able to decipher and contextualize every verse, every chapter and every book of the 72 books from Genesis to Revelations. No wonder we are seeing people starting up Churches, based on personal interpretation of the bible? Today, anyone can become a preacher on the street, graduate into a pastor, start up a tarpaulin Church structure, gather Faithful’s, use some mysterious powers to make some miracles, and before you blink twice, you have all sorts of people heading there to “get healed “get a wife or husband, get a flourishing business, visas, scholarships and these people mysteriously get money to build a house “etc out of these followers.

It’s been quite some good time since ‘Pastor’ Bugingo and his family started throwing their dirty linen in the public and the pastor himself has from that time turned his family affairs as his Church sermons and in all church services he has to say a word or two about the wife or children painting them as the worst creatures he has met in his life. Let new love not make us forget what we were, where we have come from and what we are meant to be.

I personally feel uncomfortable at times when a female is disrespected, they are our mothers, our sisters, our wives but holding a microphone and telling people that you spent a lot of money treating someone’s fistula is being totally Hogwash, I even feel sorry for the new catch that he is praising now, doesn’t she think the same might happen to her with time? I really feel sad and mad at this man of god (not God because Godly people behave).

I am not being unfair or rude at anyone but some preachers are misleading their (lost sheep) as they normally refer them to because the issue of being so arrogant and disrespectful of a woman and a wife has really touched me the way it touched me and those who are born by women know how it feels if it was your mother that this pastor was bad mouthing. In my final submission on this, I trust that my evangelical Christian brothers and sisters, who love their man of God so much that they keep, cheering him and clapping whenever he abuses his family, kneel down and repent.

But anyway am not worthy to say what I have said above, but with faith and hope, you will all forgive me for asking us all not to commit errors in the name of God using church which is a very holy place which must be used for only issues that are spiritual. Be Blessed.