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Everything You Need To Look For In A PHP Developer To Benefit Your Company

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Boses Muhinda
Boses Muhinda
Am a techie and writer with deep sources

Although PHP has been in the market for quite some time now, the recent years have seen a drastic increase in its use for new projects. The fact that it is highly flexible and can be used for anything from server run scripting to developing end-to-end software makes it a preferred choice for developers. Companies prefer deploying PHP as it has hundreds of different frameworks and can run on any default web browser.

Consequently, most colleges offer PHP as a subject in graduate engineering and computer applications courses. With such a massive pool available for hiring app developers, it becomes a challenge for organizations to select the most appropriate ones. In this article, you will read about all the things that you need to keep an eye out for a while hiring a PHP developer.


Settle on Your Framework and Select an Expert

Take your time to find out the benefits of the different frameworks and choose which one is the most suitable for your project. If you are not technically competent to do so, it will be wise to hire an infrastructure architect on an hourly basis.

That way, you can use their technical expertise to settle on a framework and specify the same while looking for your PHP developer. There are thousands of PHP developers available, and they specialize in different frameworks. So, deciding on the framework first will allow you to choose a developer who is most proficient in it.

Basic JavaScript, HTML and CSS expertise

While it is a good idea to hire a developer who is already familiar with the framework your project demands, make sure that your developer can code websites in Javascript, CSS, and HTML.

In any organization, an essential part of the work of a PHP developer involves coordination with designers. Knowledge of HTML and CSS will help them do the job more efficiently.

Decide on The Experience of the Developer

In most cases, the experience of a developer goes hand in hand with their salary expectations. As a company, you would not want to pay a huge sum to an expert developer when the job at hand is a simple one. Similarly, having an under-experienced PHP developer can give a company’s website a naive look and, in turn, hamper its business.

As an employer, you must sit back and access the complexity of the project (or the average complexity of the projects that your company handles if you are looking for a permanent employee). Once you have these details handy, it will be easy for you to optimize what level of developer expertise you need at the moment.

Testing Experience


While the overall experience in PHP coding must be taken into account, you need to know how well your developer will test a website before making it live. Ideally, a PHP developer must test a website at multiple levels to detect errors and debug them. Post that, they need to seek a sign-off from you (or the management in question) before setting the website live.

A simple way to ensure that the developer has the professional ethics to adhere to all of this would be by asking them to talk about their past testing experiences. You can also ask them to throw light on some of the errors they encountered while testing and how they were rectified.

The Adaptive Approach of the Developer

PHP is not just a flexible language with lots of supported frameworks, but it is also something that is continuously evolving. Irrespective of the project in question, it is important that the developer you hire should have the capability and openness to adapt to changing technical environments.

By employing someone who has a knack for continuous learning, you will ensure that you have someone who can take criticism and gives their best for every project.

Project Management Expertise

The job of a PHP developer will involve juggling multiple projects in your organization and beyond. When hiring a developer, you need to know how good their project management tactics are and whether they can do justice to the project.

While you can opt for innovative tactics to test one’s project management abilities, testimonials from past employees are an efficient way of gauging this skill.

Talk about Database Optimization

Any company would want to have a dynamic website that not just caters to the basic needs of their clients but is also prepared for database optimization.

However, not all PHP developers are technically competent to embed the PHP script in a manner to facilitate this. While hiring a developer, look for someone who has the technical knowledge to work on optimizing your database.

Most Suitable for Your Model of Hiring

Before you set out to hire php developers, you should decide on which employment model works best for your company. Under the dedicated model, the developer will be paid based on the number of hours they spend on a particular project.

If you are looking to get PHP developers under the fixed cost model, you will have to pen down a detailed business requirement document wherein there is a fixed quote for the work in question.

Alternatively, some companies require PHP developers regularly and prefer hiring full-time employees on a monthly payroll. Once you decide on your model, look for a developer who is most comfortable in that particular model.

Critical Thinking and Problem-solving Ability

In the software development life cycle, innumerable problems may arise, and it is not possible to predict all of them. So, when you are on the lookout for a PHP developer for your company, make sure you hire someone who has good critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

Communication Skills

As a PHP developer, the person you are hiring will be responsible not just for analyzing and programming but also for testing and debugging of errors. They will be a part of the architectural aspect of software development and will have to engage in frequent communication with different in-house design teams, clients, etc.

Good communication skills (both verbal and written) are necessary for a PHP developer. Your PHP developer will play an instrumental role in the success story of your organization. That is why you must hire someone who is lucid in communications and knows when to be formal.

To Summarise

It is important to realize that with greater availability of PHP developers (among a wider pool of developers), as an employer, you have more choice. Keep the above pointers in mind and do proper research before selecting a PHP Developer who will be beneficial for your company.

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