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Kadaga fails to defend self as Oulanyah tell Museveni I am going to contest for Speaker and nobody will stop me

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President Museveni on Monday met the Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga with four other top politicians she had accused of fighting her.

The four are Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanyah, NRM Secretary General Justine Kasule Lumumba, Govt Chief Whip Ruth Nankabirwa and Minister Isaac Musumba.

The meeting was called by the President after Kadaga had earlier complained to the president about those perceived to be fighting her and Busoga in general. It is reported that after meeting the Kyabazinza of Busoga that Mr. Museveni decided to meet  those whose names had been brought up.

Our sources say in having Kyabazinga meeting the president, Kadaga wanted the appointing authority to hear from the king about those  that are fighting her were but fighting Basoga in general.

The President promised to handle the issue, the reason he called the Monday meeting which Kadaga also attended.
According to our fly on the wall during the meeting , the President reportedly told Kadaga that “ you have been complaining that these people are fighting you . They are here you tell them.”

The Kamuli woman reportedly said “ yes they are fighting me. They are even sponsoring candidates against me. They held meetings.”
“ I even had to sack my Principal Personal Assistant because he was leaking all my documents to ISO”. sources told Eagle Online
David Kamaali is the most recent victim of Kadaga’s knife in a series of officers who have suffered under her leadership.

Pushed to name the candidate being sponsored against her , our fly says Kadaga refused insisting that she will tell only the President.
“ Those will be rumors , you say it here when they are present, “ Museveni interjects.

Kadaga did not name any.
The President gave each of the four to defend themselves and they reportedly said Kadaga runs public affairs by rumors and intrigue.
Our sources said Musumba was brutally honest. “ My sister , you are a very difficult person to work with. I was the chairman of your reelection campaign for Speaker but now you are sponsoring the very person we fought, against me because I was appointed a minister “ Musumba reportedly said and added : “ You believe in rumors so much.”

The Omoro man also told Kadaga that she uses her position to fight imaginary wars the reason she has never allowed him to chair the House anymore.
“ I am going to contest for Speaker and nobody will stop me this time. Why do you have to turn such an office into a tool for fighting petty wars? “ Oulanyah is reported to have submitted.
“ You fight fellow Basoga , you fight any politician , you fight even mere employees ; that is not the right thing to . I want to run that office and I will show you how it should be.”

Lumumba reportedly said she is tired of Kadaga’s perpetually accusing others and causing unnecessary divisions.
She said Busoga is in conflict all the time because Kadaga listens to rumors instead of behaving as a uniting factor.
It should be remembered that in the last elections , no minister was re-elected in Busoga , an issue attributed to Kadaga that she doesn’t want any other potential leader in Busoga.
She has also fallen out with the only minister who was close to her , Moses Kizige.

Our sources say that whenever Kadaga faces competition , she runs to the President accusing others of fighting her yet she fights others mercilessly.

The Monday meeting ended without Kadaga giving evidence against those alleged are fighting her.
Instead it became an opportunity for the accused to speak point blank.

Kadaga has recently openly clashed  with many bigwigs in government like Foreign Affairs Minister Sam Kutesa, First Lady and Minister for Education and sports Janet Museveni, Former Prime Minister, Amana Mbabazi, her Deputy Jacob Oulanyah and National Resistance Movement (NRM) party Secretary General, Justine  Lumumba.

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