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As part of the activities to celebrate the achievements of the National Resistance Movement government and the implementation of the president’s manifesto, Teso region has registered tremendous achievements and infrastructural developments that have shaped its landscape. As a result, the people of Teso have aptly embraced government programs.

One of the key accomplishments of the President in the region is the establishment of Soroti University. Established by statutory instrument No. 34 of 2015, Soroti University task force was instituted to build the university that is now known for its magnificent structures. The institution has continued to receive financial support from the President to manage its activities, right from the time of setting up the infrastructure to completion.

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Conceived as a purely science and technology-based university, Soroti University opened its doors to pioneer students in the 2019/2020 academic year, with two programs; that is, Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Nursing Science. The institution is well-equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to support the teaching and learning of the courses offered.

Students admitted are both on government and private sponsorship, student loan scheme and other sponsorship programs and the second intake is already underway. Students will report immediately the government reopens institutions of higher learning.

More programs will be available to students, the latest being the School of Engineering and Technology’s computer and electronics engineering program. In addition, the university is set to benefit from the Government further in the construction of the Medical School anatomy block set to start soon.

The university is already connected to the national backbone fibre connection. With access to fast internet connectivity, the university is set for online teaching and learning. The Government has continued to support the university with resources to develop infrastructure and manpower necessary to run it; for example, the construction of a dining and sports facility and university access roads, as well as the recruitment of staff and enhancement of salaries.

The value of the university

Job opportunities and infrastructural development

The value of Soroti University, a key achievement of the NRM government, is not only limited to the region, but global, connecting Teso sub-region to the world. The university will offer immense opportunities to the people of Teso and the country by offering them formal and informal employment and boosting the transport system, as well as providing accommodation for both students and staff. Several private developers have already established hostel facilities offering accommodation to our students.

Market for goods and services

As the student and staff population increases, Teso will have enormous opportunities to produce and market agricultural products. In addition, the institution will ensure increased revenue for the government in terms of local service tax and enhance the purchasing power of the community as there will be more money in circulation.

Affordable science education

Soroti University has renewed the hope for affordable university science education in the region as many parents will be in position to cut the costs of sending their children to far-flung places to study. Increased access to education will improve the human resource in the region.

Sustained peace helping Teso achieve full potential

With such investments as Soroti University in the region, the prevailing peace will be guarded jealously by all the stakeholders since the absence of peace would directly impact the achievements already registered. The continued support to the NRM government will be sustained as its benefits are visible and there is hope of more developments in Teso for the region to achieve its full economic potential.