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Afiego NGO boss, 6 employees arrested

Afiego NGO boss, 6 employees arrested
Mr. Kamugisha
Police is detenting Afiego NGO Managing Director Dickens Kamugisha and six employees.
According to sources,police first arrested employees and questioned them about their source of funding and how the NGO money is spent.
“They arrested them at office, took them to Kira division police for question but released them on police bond. However, when Mr. Kamugisha tried to inquire on why his employees where picked, he too was arrested” his lawyer Allan Bariyo said.
The staff are being held at Kiira Police Station. Afiego has been under immense pressure due to defending oil-affected communities’ rights as well as fighting to protect Bugoma forest. Police claims they are operating without a licence something they reject.
Under the constitution it is the Director of Public Prosecution to direct investigations, to sanction charges or close files incase there isn’t sufficient evidence to sustain a charge. Resident State Attorney is a representative of DPP in Kira ,the respective station and court.
“Under the Constitution,one can’t be convicted of an offence not defined under the law.The said Ngo Act doesn’t criminalize working with an NGO that hasn’t renewed her permit.That is without prejudice to the fact that Afiego ltd isn’t regulated by the NGO Bureau.The arresting party has no sustainable case in court,it is the reason the police is doing their best to delay the production of the said suspects in court” Counsel Bariyo said.

In August, the National Bureau of Non Government Organisations (NGO Bureau) suspended the activities 54 NGOs for failure to file annual returns and audited books of accounts.

According to the Executive Director of the Bureau, Stephen Okello then, he said they had established that 23 NGOs are operating with expired permits contrary to section 31(1) and 32(1) of the NGO Act 2016.