Performances at the Nyege Nyege Festival

Some members of Parliament headed by Speaker Anita Among are up in arms and vehemently lamenting about the upcoming annual Nyege-Nyege festival to be held in Jinja. Among and her colleagues argue that the festival is an immorality that should not happen. They think to suggest that Uganda is purely a country of good morals, but that is in theory as opposed to practice.

What some of us know is that Nyege-Nyege is festival where Ugandans host their friends and others worldwide to celebrate humanity as they entertain, laugh, mingle, dance and sociialise. In this event, some people have been able to get husbands and wives, girlfriends and boyfriends, made new friends met relatives as well as created business opportunities.

Nyege-Nyege is a Ugandan thing that must be maintained and not condemned. Of recent we have had Kampala Carnival, where Kampalans have hosted others in celebration of humanity and its achievements. Nyege=Nyege is about entertainment and happiness of the people, it is an escape from the tough times characterised by the poor economy. People must left to enjoy themselves. Such events bring in the so-much needed dollars, used to pay the same MPs talking ill of such events.

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If there are people who have failed good morals in Uganda, it is the politicians. For instance, the MPs have defiled the constitution for their own selfish interests; They were bribed to change the constitution two times not long ago. History will tell this immorality by the MPs for generations to come.

The MPs, as we know today, continue to increase salaries for themselves as the rest of the Ugandan citizens languish in poverty. They are given free cars, yet the salaries they earn can buy them their own vehicles. They are exploiting Ugandans to the fullest in the guise of being facilitated to serve the country better. The truth is that political leaders at various levels of governance are cheating Ugandans. These are not good morals and it is what they are teaching the young generation that corruption is good.

The country knows of MPs and councilors who have physically fought in parliament and council halls for their own selfish interest. Are  these good morals that they are teaching Ugandans? We remember what happened during the Age Limit and Third term removal from the constitution. We know that some MPs went against the wishes of their constituencies to vote in favour. Those MPs who went by what their voters told them [not to amend the constitution] were castigated by the powers that be, even up to now.

The MPs castigating Nyege-Nyege should be reminded of Jesus story in the Bible where dared to some to stone a prostitute. He reminded them that they were sinners just like the prostitute they wanted to stone to death. The Ugandans MPs therefore cannot claim to be morally upright than those that are going to participate in Nyege-Nyege.

We further know that some MPs left their original political parties, just because they were promised jobs and money by the dominant side. On this, the MPs cannot tell us to be principled and of good standing. The truth is that Uganda needs salvation, but it should begin with the leaders at the top. This thing of say of ‘Do what I tell you to do and not what I do’ is rubbish.

Over the years, we have had stories of MPs fathering children outside their marriage, committing adultery, and using housemaids. Some of the MPs have been accused of orchestrating domestic violence. These examples, and several others show our parliament is full of people, who like other Ugandans live just because God is merciful to human beings. There is no one who is pure in the eyes of the Lord. Even religious leaders in the country and world over have failed the morality and purity test for they have had sexual intercourse with their juniors and people’s wives.

Nyege-Nyege, or no Nyege-Nyege, Uganda is a country where morals are questionable. We live because God is merciful to us all, so some politicians should take themselves to be morally upright and pure in whatever they do. The executive should let Nyege-Nyege happen.

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