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The ICC obnoxious warrants of arrest, bungled investigations, peace in Darfur and Sudan’s sanctions

By Dr. David Nyekorach-Mazi Matsanga Dear Secretary General, Peace Greetings 1.  Mr. Secretary General, the ICC Chief Prosecutor AA Karim Khan presented his report to UNSC today...

What if NUP existed during the 1970s –1980s

It is the most tantalizing “what if NUP”, a party which I hear aspired to govern us “had existed during the 1970s and the...

EULOGISING: Kashillingi made a great contribution – Museveni

I first met Ndugu Kashillingyi in January, 1982, at Kanyaanda when I had just returned from my external trip of the 6th of June...

How door-to-door delivery links PLHIV with care

By Juliet Nabulime During the lockdown, Livingstone Kazibwe, aged 32, biked several kilometers to different locations every week to deliver anti-retroviral therapy to the doorsteps...

The conflict of Ukraine and its impact on African countries

By Dr David Matsanga in London Dear African Heads of State, Peace Greetings I write this letter as a caution to you Africa Heads of State on...