UNLUCKY? Delta TV presenter Dennis Katongole aka Katongole Omutongole

Denis Katongole alias Katongole Omutongole’s show on Delta TV might be doing well but it turns out not all is well at the Muganzilwaza station.
The presenter, who joined the station last year, wants to exit.

And, according to sources, Katongole Omutongole had intended Buganda’s BBS TV station to be his next destination.
However, things failed to workout after they failed to agree on his remuneration. Apparently, BBS TV has been trailing NTV presenter Miles Rwamiti for its show, reportedly offering him Shs3 million.
However, the ‘NTV Koona’ presenter, who has just returned from the US thanks to NTV, turned down BBS TV offer, and when Katongole got wind of the failed deal, he ran straight to Masengere.
According to our well placed sources, Katongole also asked for a monthly net pay of Shs3million, while the BBS TV offered him Shs500, 000 lest he forget working for them.
It is at this point that Katongole, who also works as a presenter on Beat FM, saw his prospects of working at BBS TV dashed, and he left an unhappy man.