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Meet Henry Kirumaganyi aka Henry Tigan as he narrates his musical journey

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Henry TiganWhat schools did you attend?

I went to St.Steven Nursery School, Luzira Primary School and Nkumba Primary School in Entebbe, Africana Whiteland for olevel, lubiri high school for A level and in 2005 I joined Kyambogo University for a Bachelors in Adult and Community Education (BACE)

How old are you?

22/11/1984 is my date of birth

When did you join music?

I started singing way back in primary school, where I participated in Music, Dance and Drama competitions, won trophies for my respective classes and houses mostly the one of original compositions.

You went silent (musically) what really happened?

I will select the best. I just decided to give it a break because I felt like wasn’t ready to release any new tracks though I have been recording many of them and from those I am going to select the best.

Are you back in the industry?

I have never quit the industry as I said before because my music is played almost every day; it is just that for so long I have not released any new tracks but Uganda should be warned because I am about to put the nation at stake.

What is that special thing about Henry Tigan?

My music sounds fresh each and every time it’s played plus the positivity message makes my music special. Because I went silent for so long but still my audience didn’t die so I believe I can still make it.


When did you release your first track?

I released it in 2005 its called Emilanga.

What are you preparing to prove wrong the people who doubt your stay in the music industry?

Obvisiouly, when I start releasing my new vibes they will have nothing to say because I know I can raise up again. So they should be warned.

Which songs put you on map?

Abogezi and Lwaki onninza put me on map.

Are you married?


What do you do apart from music?

I have an organization, the Civilian Barracks; we carry out community reach outs, sensitization and creating awareness among people accordingly. It is a youth organization and by the end of this year we are starting on our farming project.

Do you have a Manager?

Currently, I don’t have a Manager.

What should your fans expect from you this time?

My fans should expect the best of the best.

Which kind of music do you do?

Reggae, though I blend it with Zouk to suit the Ugandan market.

How many songs do have?

So many collabos among these are Pretty Gal featuring Mighty Mystique,  My Country featuring Marlion Usher, Aneganye Bobi Wine, Entallo featuring Born Ugandans amongs others.

I have three albums and so many singles.

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