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The Royal Ascot Goat Races back at Speke Resort Munyonoyo

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This year all roads in Kampala and surrounding areas will lead to Speke Resort Munyonyo for the exciting Royal Ascot Goat Races organised by the Ruparelia Group in October.

According to the organisers, the Royal Ascot Goat Races is an annual charity event held at Speke Resort, Munyonyo, since 1993.  The event is based on the Royal Ascot Races with a Ugandan twist. Similar to the Royal Ascot horse races, there is as much emphasis on fashion, in particular unusual hats with prizes awarded to the best dressed couple, man, woman, and child.

Along with goat races, there are hospitality, food huts, Champagne bars, beer gardens as well as kids’ activities. Unlike other day festivals The Royal Ascot Goat races is a great networking environment and prides itself on creating a great family day.

The Royal Ascot Goat Races takes Place at a luxurious 90-acre resort on the shores of Lake Victoria, just 12 kilometres frm from Kampala City centre Kampala.

Everyone and anyone is welcome to be part of the Royal Ascot Goat Races! There are plenty of exciting opportunities to sponsor, collaborate and get involved, from Buying a goat to managing an activity tent!

Buying a goat

As a participant, you have a chance to buy a goat as an individual or on behalf of your company and participate in any one or all the races.  There are 10 races over the course of the day, and 10 goats per race. This is open to all. Goat Owners get to name their goat, and support your goat from the track arena, and get Two tickets to enter the races and to get into Owners Tent, the most sought for hospitality tent with unlimited food & drinks! 

First Second & Third place winners get a cash price, so its always worth a shot!  You are able to Own a Goat in any race, multiple goats in a race or event in multiple races. All profits go to charity such as building sanitary facilities for Kampala’s poor households/ schools etc

Hospitality tents

Hospitality tents are a private tent for you and one hundred of your selected customers and staff. The privacy offers you the opportunity to talk to people one on one. Within the greater event, you have the best of both intimate networking and public visibility. Historically, the hospitality tents have been a major talking point at the event, as companies have created elaborate themed tents with customized entertainment, catering and activities for their guests to enjoy, as an owner you are given branding rights, tickets, and visibility rights.

You can be a food vendor

The Goat races is all about grazing through the day, which is why we welcome a variety of food vendors to join the team. With over 5000 people it’s a great day to showcase your new products.  3m x 3m stalls are available for hire for food vendors. We Limit one type of each type of cuisine to provides our event goers with something different, so don’t be afraid to be creative and offer something that is unique to you.

You can own a commercial tent

Commercial tents are an opportunity to sell your services & products to the race goers. Create a custom experience in your tent be it a silent disco or a cigar lounge.  Commercial Tents offer a great opportunity to market and onboard new customers. As an owner you are given branding rights, tickets, and visibility rights.

You can buy a race

Get your company recognised by over 5,000 people as well as a on media reach, by being a title sponsor to a race. Each race varies in fees depending on its slot. The main race is scheduled at peak event time.  A race entitles the sponsor to many great touch points before, and during the event. Benefits include media presence, branding and visibility; awards stage presence and networking opportunities at the event.  The package also includes owners tent tickets and tickets to give away to your customers.

You have a chance to be event Sponsor

This event has strictly three sponsor slots.  Each tier has varying levels of participation. From part naming rights, media presence, exclusive TV interviews, give away tickets, branding and award stage rights. But we are always interested in giving something new to our fans and loyal event goers, so if you feel you have something to offer please do get in touch!

Be a prize giver

We have so many competitions during the day; have your company contribute a prize towards any of the competitions. As a prize giver, your company is entitled to stage presence and the awarding of the prize on stage. This is televised and you maybe asked for an interview with the selected media partner

The experience you can never forget

The Royal Ascot Goat Races is one of the biggest social events of the year.  It’s a perfect blend of family fun, corporate networking, fantastic food and entertainment. A day out at the races comes once a year and everyone pulls out all the stops. From prize winning competitions, fashion extravaganzas, not to mention the winning at the races; fans have won air tickets, weekend getaways, spa treatments, and cash. Its an entire day filled with champagne and strawberries, beer gardens, carnival games, mingling all while listening to the hottest DJs. And we don’t stop there, the event is ceremoniously crowned with a live performance and closed with a spectacular fireworks display. No wonder it’s the event of the year. And whats better, everyone and anyone is welcome to be part of the Royal Ascot Goat Races! See you at the races!

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