Buganda Broadcasting Services (BBS) Telefayina is in position to follow in Bukedde TV’s footsteps and cash in with TV advertising worth millions, but the new station is gonna have an edge over its popular state-run cousin with the Kabaka’s endorsement.

Several big-time media sources tell us pitchmen did well putting together BBS owner Smart Kiyimba with the Katikiro (Prime Minister) and Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II.

We’re told the most lucrative path was to start be a telefayina that Buganda relates with as compared to the state run Bukedde.

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BBS’ CEO, former football pundit Joe Kigozi has the Luganda football fraternity, including Kabaka, under a blanket deal after stealing former employer NBS TV’s rights for the free-to-air game on SuperSport every week.

The Kabaka, himself, has accepted to launch it as part of his celebrations to mark his 61st birthday. So, that is a reaffirmation; the Kabaka has never launched a television before.

So, come Tuesday, the King will make a short stroll from his palace at Lubiri to Masengere building in Mengo-Bulange where the TV station that hit the airwaves in December last year is housed.

Sources close to Industrial Area based Bukedde TV tell us they’re scared as netherworld.

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