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Ambishion: the lifeline of liberal and ambitious fashionistas

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The fashion industry in Uganda has turned out to be one of the few sectors that is not only very competitive but fast expanding, with a number of  designers coming up with an array of designs that are as impressive as they are diverse.

When it comes to fashion in Uganda one cannot help but think of the likes of Sylvia Awori and the legendary Santa Anzo. But with time so many other designers have established themselves on the scene, contributing to the huge growth of the fashion industry.

Indeed, just a few years ago we saw the introduction of Kampala Fashion Week in Uganda that provides a platform for young designers to showcase their creations every year.


Brenda Busingye of Ambishion is one of the new artistes on the said fashion platform and her unique brand of designs has shown signs of reinventing the way so many Ugandans view fashion.

Started in January this year, Ambishion has since been capturing the eye of so many wardrobe-crazy Ugandans inspired by attire.


The EagleOnline caught up with the proprietor Brenda Busingye in Ntinda, Kisakye Mall, Shop No.15, and below are excerpts.

Who is Brenda Busingye?

I’m really a humble, lucky go kinda a girl. I have a son, Zack, whom I love very much. I grew up in a family of seven siblings and I’m the 5th born, but I was always the fashion fanatic, none of my siblings were really into fashion like I was.


Are you in anyway affiliated with Ambition Mission?

Ambishion Mission? Sorry I don’t understand the question…(after repeated question)…You know I’m one of those people who doesn’t pay much attention to news but No, There is zero affiliation with Ambition Mission.


So where did you derive the label Ambishion from?

Well, my fashion label is all about those people whose fashion style is ambitious; people who are bold and brave; people who make a statement when it comes to fashion. So my sister came up with the name, and it sung, I liked it; it brought everything into perspective.



Have you always been into fashion?

I’ve not always been in the fashion industry but I’ve always loved fashion and as I kept growing older my interest and love for fashion grew with me. It’s always been like that and my knowledge of fashion and its rudiments have and are also still growing.


So why fashion? Tell me more about Ambishion

I believe that fashion should resonate with someone’s personality and that is why I started this fashion line. We aim to achieve that. Here at Ambishion we don’t care about the clothes so much but more about ‘you’ and what your style is or personality and see how we can create that design for you. We ensure to come up with something creative regardless of the area or occasion: it could be work related, the red-carpet or even just for a leisurely evening. People like it so…so far so good.

What inspires you?


Like I said I’ve not always been in the fashion industry but even when I worked as a banker and other jobs I’ve always had fashion at heart and it was only a matter of time. Even now I run a few other businesses but my main focus is on Ambishion. So, there isn’t really much of an inspiration needed when it comes to fashion and me. I just love it. But I do a lot of research and learn a lot of new things like the trends and what people prefer now. Reading fashion magazines, following social media like instagram, and what people want and what they are into has really helped me build this fashion line.


Aren’t there at least a few fashion designers who inspire you or whom you look up to?

As earlier said, I’m more interested in the people or customer than the design; I don’t focus on the designer and creation but on creating what the customer wants. For example for fashion inspiration I focus on personalities and what they wear; I’m very liberal in that way; I can follow Beyonce and Rihanna then move all the way down to Blake Lively and what she is wearing. I don’t focus on the designers usually.


We realise a number of your clothes are in African print, can you say that inspires you?

Not really, I use all kinds of materials, although the African fabric has a lot of colour and print you can work with. It’s colorful and vibrant.  Besides I’m African and very proud of my heritage; I am not just about pleasing but also representing so I aim at taking Ambishion beyond borders and with it its heritage.


Where do you see yourself and Ambishion down the line in five year’s time?

I want to open a chain of stores like Woolworths. I want to provide people with clothes of quality; you know like when someone looks at my designs and creations and appreciates the tailoring and thinks of it as a work of absolute finesse. However it’s tough because of the lack of materials in Uganda, but other than that we aim at expanding; we want to create all sorts of clothing from swim wear to gym wear among other things.

Any public figures you’ve wished to work with?

(Laughs)…Janet Museveni.  Also, Julianna Kanyomozi; she is a powerful woman but to be honest any ordinary person in need of a good wardrobe. I’m not into high fashion; I don’t design anything that someone wouldn’t wear in reality or off the runway. I just design clothes that bring satisfaction not only to me but to the customer as well when they wear what is their own creation. We aim for uniqueness.

Tell us a little about your clientele

Corporates; we aim for them mainly because they are really into fashion. Especially the girls; they can never get enough of fashion and that is where the market lies now.

What can you say about the Ugandan Fashion Industry?

One thing I’ve learnt is that Ugandans love fashion, they know their clothes inside out and it has grown over the years. A number of designers have come up and it’s so diverse and gone are the days of just Winna Classic and Sylvia Owori. However, we need more stalls with Home-made designs. Also, people should be more creative with office wear; people need to be more creative with modern designs and how they can be worn on an everyday basis. Offices should really be more flexible when it comes to fashion and office wear, they are too traditional. Also prices in Uganda are ‘crazy’ when it comes to Ugandan fashion, clothes should be affordable.

Any last word?

Ugandans should appreciate their own fashion industry and be more supportive of it; there should be no need to fly abroad say to Dubai to get a good cloth. That is the only way fashion is going to continue growing otherwise I am happy at how far we have come in Uganda.

Contacts: 0775946655 or Facebook-Ambishion, or email:

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