GAY? Jocelyn Tracey aka Keko

Distressed singer Jocelyn Tracey aka Keko came out a few weeks back requesting fans to help fund her return home, saying she was stuck in Canada.

“Guys I’m stuck in a shelter in Canada. I need help to come back home,” she tweeted.

Well, if you were about to forward in your contributions, please keep it for either your rent or for your kids’ school fees because the ‘This is how we do it’ hit maker is safe, and about to get ‘married’.

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Indeed, in fresh tweets a couple of days back, Keko tweeted that she was not only out of danger but her ‘gay a**’ is safe as well.

“Thank you Canada for giving me a new home … I feel free like a new person it was a burden to live in a box and walk on egg shells,” she tweeted in what appeared to be a confirmation she had been offered citizenship.

And for such to happen to a person who had been in Canada for just six months like Keko, one has to have very strong reasons.

Keko’s reason to the green ticket seems to have been that she was not only running away from home where she feared for her life but also to have a wedding of her life. She finally brought rumours claiming she’s is gay to an end.

“My gay ass is free yes free and there will be a wedding you best believe,” she said in another tweet.

For a while rumours have been making rounds that the rapper is gay, a claim she often refused to comment about.

These allegations began years back when Keko and Sheebah Karungi were sharing a house in Nalya, Kampala.

They would later make news headlines for being in a relationship with but these remained mere allegations.

The two would further part ways when Sheebah joined Jeff Kiwa’s ‘Team No Sleep’, finally sending the claims into silence but with the recent revelation by Keko, fans have also started questioning Sheebah’s sexuality.

“Nonsense, now waiting for @Ksheebah1 to tell us,” a one Askia commented.

“Please help, don’t mention that you’re a Ugandan, save us…thanks,” one Mike Kigoye pleaded with Keko.