Simba Cement

The Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS), has come out in a statement to allay fears that Simba Cement produced by Simba Cement Limited is of poor quality as earlier reported by some of the local media outlets.

“Our attention is drawn to information circulating on social media and published by some of the online news media regarding the quality of Simba Cement on the Market. The Uganda National Bureau Standards (UNBS), as the industry regulator, would like to affirm that Simba Cement is a certified company with two valid certification permits,” the statement reads in part.

UNBS says all samples of Simba Cement so far submitted to its laboratories, as part of quality monitoring, have passed tests for compliance to the requirements of specific standards.

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“UNBS will continue to perform its mandate of enforcing standards to protect consumer health and safety and the environment against dangerous and sub-standard products,” the statement reads.

Simba Cement Limited has the capacity to produce over one million metric tons of cement annually. The company faces completion from other cement producers such as Tororo Cement and Hima Cement and Kampala Cement.

Market share rankings of Uganda’s Cement as of December 2018 show that Tororo Cement Limited still tops others with over three million metric tons produced annually, followed by Hima Cement Limited with 1.9 million metric tons, Simba Cement Limited with 1.0 million and Kampala Cement Company with 0.9 million metric tons totaling to 16.8 metric million metric tons produced annually.