The main opposition party, Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), is to ready to officially take over the leadership of Inter Party Organisation for Dialogue (IPOD) after the expiry of Democratic Party’s (DP) six month tenure.

The FDC has taken over and await the official handover ceremony and handover reports from both DP party President Norbert Mao and party secretary Dr. Gerald Siranda. The DP took over IPOD on March 25, 2019.

According to the MOU, IPOD leadership rotates every after six months. The FDC therefore is currently both the chair of the IPOD Summit and IPOD Council. The Summit is composed of leaders of political parties and the Council is composed of the Secretary Generals and other four representatives. The Government and Opposition Whip are also members of the Council.

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The FDC Secretary General Nandala Mafabi will in consultation with the IPOD Summit Chair Eng. Patrick Amuriat present proposals on the issues the FDC wants IPOD to consider in the next six months of our leadership

FDC has snubbed two IPOD meeting citing various reasons. On Dec 12, 2018 FDC snubbed IPOD meeting for among others, the closing of doors for JEEMA and conservative party (CP) yet they were among the founders and  in the May 2019 they declined to attend (IPOD) Summit that took place in Lira on grounds that the party is still under siege by various security agencies.

The party will aim at pushing for the ratification of decisions that were made Munyonyo where IPOD Council deliberated on the management of public rallies. They were supposed to be ratified by the Summit.

President Yoweri Museveni declined to sign on the agreed regulations before not fully constituted Summit. The president said he had given different instructions to his security chiefs and he needed to convene a meeting of the National Security Council to discuss the IPOD regulations.

To date, Museveni has not convened the National Security Council to reverse his draconian orders as a result, our rallies and meetings are still being interfered with.

The FDC considers access to the population a major issue in the political processes of our country. Removing the military and Police from our politics if achieved, will be the single most important thing IPOD has ever done. Negotiating an end to the life presidency will be another milestone. This is what the IPOD must strive to achieve.

Currently, IPOD houses for four parties which include; Democratic Party (DP), Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) and National Resistance Movement (NRM).

IPOD is facilitated by the Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy (NIMD) and was formed to initiate dialogue and exchange of ideas among political parties in the country with a view of improving electoral democracy.

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