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Tanasha Donna pens break up letter to Diamond Platnumz, labels him East Africa community husband

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Kenyan radio presenter, commercial model and recording artist, Tanasha Donna has written a heart moving break up open letter to Diamond Platnumz and labeled him East Africa community husband who cannot keep his gun in one carrier.

Tanasha broke up with the Diamond Platnumz following a long spell of souring relationship. The NRG radio presenter regret her move of accepting former Sepetu and Zari’s husband as her fiancé.

“I wish I consulted Sepetu or Zari before putting live charcoal in my pocket,” she wrote.

Below is the letter


Not so long ago, a few years behind when you came to Kenya

And asked to talk to me privately

I was stupefied and my heart melted with joy

Excited to meet and talk to you

I asked for a sick leave from my job to come and see you

My Diamond

I was baffled when you spoke to me so affectionately

You told me your heart was full to the brim with love True love for one and only, Donna You woke up the lioness in me my pair of inflated airbags wobbled and knees trembled Even though I was skeptical about it Your words had put my blood onto fire—liquid fire So I unreasonably nodded to your words

My Diamond

You introduced me to your parents and friends they all said I was stellar and angelic I remember getting firm approval of your dear mum The Wasafi family embraced me as the new queen

I went back to Kenya to quit my job and halt all I had started

To just come and settle with you and start a permanent family

To let you have my warm honeypot at your disposal

My Diamond

When we posted our photos and short clips on social media

We got sarcastic comments from would-be haters

Worse of it all was “mtaachana tu” that kept appearing on every post

Albeit love and heaps of money blindfolded me making me to ignore the foreboding and I was determined to disapprove them by staying with you for the rest of my life and churning out as many beautiful children as possible for you.

My Diamond

The three or so years we have been together

Look like ten years in hell for me

I don’t believe I was sober when I said YES to you

For I didn’t know what I was saying yes to

Your fame?

Your wealth?

Your fake love?

I was so naive and ignorant

You have sapped me dry and my bones are desperately aching

You have siphoned the air out of my airbags and now I cross the border with almost flat tyres

My Diamond

I wish I consulted Sepetu or Zari before putting live charcoal in my pocket

How I wish I took my time to unearth your stinking character

I have had to cope with your cheating habit, you fire at every skirt

I have even pretended to produce some useless songs with you

Just to avoid soiling our marriage in the eyes of the public

Hoping one day would mature up

And learn to keep your gun in one carrier

Unfortunately you are a useless bull that cannot be zero grazed

The East Africa community husband

My Diamond

You vigorously tore the lead over my honeypot

And literally scooped colossal amount of honey from it

As I stupidly lay there watching, trading my dignity for filthy wealth

Now my honeypot is empty and open

My people say stupidity has no medicine and it is true

Nevertheless I will go back to my parents, Kenya—together with the honey combs

And try to come to terms with the this tragedy

It’s shameful I know

But east or west home is best

My Diamond


While at lakeside fishing or washing my disfigured empty honeypot

I will try to forget you and your stinking wealth

I will try forget everything and moments we’d together

After my wounds will have healed

I will become a powerful feminist and motivational speaker too

I will warn my younger sisters against beasts like you

Allow me to take my empty honeypot home and try to attract new Kenyan bees

Good bye My Diamond

#Tanasha donna tewandikabye

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