Mr. Amanya Tumukunde and Dr Angela Museveni.

The family of Lt. Gen. Henry Tumukunde has spoken out for the first time about their son’s intention to marry Dr. Angela Kakishozi Museveni a daughter of President Museveni and Ms Enid Kukunka.

Speaking through family confident, the family of Gen. Tumukunde says it is true, their son Amanya Tumukunde and his fiance have known each other since childhood and therefore, their relationship is long before known by both families.

“There is nothing new about our son (Amanya) dating Angela because they have known each other for ages. The only thing is that maybe it is now becoming a public matter but there is nothing to hide” the family source told Eagle Online in a telephone interview.

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General Tumukunde and President Museveni have known each other since the bush war struggles including serving in government together. Despite their recent political differences when Gen. Tumukunde contested against Museveni, the two respect each other.

However, the impending ,marriage of their children is likely to improve their political relations given that marriage is bond that brings families together.

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